Why you should buy the iPad 2 (the not so obvious reasons)

I’m sure you’ve already planned how you’re going to get that new iPad considering you’re your first generation iPad is pretty new. Your gut tells yo not to do it, and your pocket is giving you signs that it will be a big issue when you do it, but you can’t help but buy, can you?

You just feel that you were made for the iPad 2 and the gadget was made especially for you. The design, the new additional features, everything just adds up to the one truth that you need to buy the iPad 2.

Now, wake up!

Don’t you just relate to what you’ve read so far? I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’ve asked friends of mine and the main thing they think about is saving for the next month just to get enough money to get the iPad 2. And that is not a bad deal, I guess.

So if you’re one of the millions who are wanting to get their own iPad 2, here are some reminders about what this new addition to the Apple products so that you’ll be able to cement your decision to go iPad. This post is not intended to talk about the new features of the new iPad2, but I’m trying to remind you of the seemingly unimportant stuff that are important to your iPad.

Maximize the side switch. It would be best to really employ the use of the side switch. You can use this to enable or turn off the audio alerts, but not affect the video and audio playback of your favorite tracks. Toggle this function and choose which you want to have by going to Settings, General and then Use Side Switch to. The one you did not choose will be the one you’ll see in the multi-tasking bar when you press the Home Screen twice.

Type faster. You can type faster by just double-tapping the spacebar and then automatically, there will be a period and a space; and this really saves time.

Prevent synching. There are times when you just simply want to hook your gadget just to charge it or just to check something through the computer, so you can actually prevent the automatic sync prompt by holding down Shift-Control (or Command-Option if your using a Mac) in iTunes while plugging your iPad in, and iTunes will skip the automatic sync just that one time. You can actually just sync by dragging the unlock slider while the iPad is trying to sync, “Slide to Cancel”.

This iPad wil self- destruct in 10 failed password entries. You can actually set your iPad to erase all data after ten failed pword attempts by checking the Erase Data option under Settings, General, Passcode Lock. It’s that easy.

Digital picture frame. This is a neat way of showing off your pictures. You can just show your pics and allow for slideshow and then just mount it on the dock and leave in the living room for all to see.

You can turn off in-app purchases. Simply go inside Settings, General, Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions to enable restrictions that apply to your apps, content, Game Center, and anything that tends to purchase something on your iPad. People can accidentally make some in-app purchases, so just disable In-App Purchases under the ‘Allowed Content’ setting.

Yes, you can change your e-mail signature. I for one do not want people to know that I have an iPad or anything for that matter. I don’t know, but it just sounds weird if I really say that I sent this email form my iPad. I prefer saying that I sent this from my mobile device. Well, we have differences of opinion. But just in case you don’t know, you can actually change the signature. Just saying.

Screen shot. Hhhmm… this is a tricky one because I really couldn’t see the critical need for a screen shot; well, of course, if you really do want to print a screen shot fo your device. Like the changing of signature in your email, I included this just in case you’re the type who really wants to take screen shots of your device. Just press Home and the sleep/wake button simultaneously. The screenshot will automatically appear among your Camera roll.

Your thoughts

You obviously have experience about the iPad and I’m sure you’re dying to buy one especially that the iPad 2 is out, what did I miss? What do you like to add? What other cool stuff can you do with your iPad 2?

Let us all know in the comments!

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