Top tech stuff to expect in 2011

Now that it’s already 2011, I’m sure that there’s a lot of gadgets up for release this year. Major tech companies have promised innovative new products to arrive in the succeeding months. There’s a lot of rumors and expected things that will be released this year, but here are the most anticipated products to watch out for.

The PSP Phone. Not just a rumor (?)

The PSP phone rumor has not died since it came out. And it has remained a cool rumor for some time, but the alleged photos in the net greatly made it more concrete and more of a thing to really watch out for-especially this year.

As you might well imagine, this device is simple a modified PSP device that runs on a smartphone software. The PSP phone is definitely going to be an amazing device because it not only offers phone-capabilities, but outstanding gaming and multimedia experience as well. This is expected to come out first half of this year. The price is still mystery; the OS will probably be Android 3.0 with 1GB of ROM and 3.5-4 inch screen to boot, but still these are just “informed” guesses. :)

I hope that Sony does have some trick and more surprises up its sleeves because frankly, Apple needs a worthy competitor. Others are stepping up to the plate, but they seem to just fall short…. But that’s just me.

White iPhone 4

Who hasn’t heard of the white iPhone 4 and its likely launch in spring this year? Well, this is a very exciting version that has every iPhone 4 lovers waiting with bitter-sweet anticipation.

Another addition from Sony: the Sony VAIO 3D laptop

We know little about Sony’s standard bearer in the 3D laptop category, but considering the popularity ofVAIO devices, a 3D laptop from Sony is very exciting and thought-provoking.

What we have so far is that there’s a 16-inch LCD display, 1920-by-1080 2D resolution. There’s no hint on whether this device will integrate with other Sony 3D products, how much it will cost, how large the storage will be, not even a hint on the kind of processor.

What I can assure you is that you’ll a lot more about this device in the months to come. So watch out for it..

The elusive iPad 2

Apple has yet to confirm the rumors surrounding the mythical second version of the successful iPad so let’s be patient as we wait for the official statements. Anyhow, the company has a habit of updating its other prominent iOS devices, namely the iPhone and iPod Touch—every year so I don’t see any reason why they’ll not do so with the iPad.

Everyone expects a front- and rear-facing cameras, a much thinner body, faster processor, lighter weight, and of course nothing beats the update on the display.

Your thoughts

What about you? What do you expect to see this year? What did we miss? What do you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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