The new face of MySpace

MySpace has been battling to stay a float amidst the storms of Facebook and Twitter. You may have heard little about the social hub for quite some time, but it’s making a major overhaul of its image and its website into the newest entertainment destination for its vastly younger audience. MySpace will now be relaunching its site to focus on giving users more ways to devour music, videos and even news about celebrity.

Entertainment has always been a part and even central to the MySpace experience, but as the years went by and Facebook and Twitter later, it seems that MySpace really has to step its game up if it hopes to stay as relevant as possible.

Mike Jones, MySpace CEO, said the relaunch “pulls us out of the social networking category” to become the social entertainment destination. So instead of the Facebook-like functionality of connecting with long-lost high school classmates and friends, or sharing the latest vacation photos, MySpace wants to be the place where people go to find out about new bands, chat about TV shows and make movie recommendations.

There are other big design changes, too. MySpace has long been criticized for cramped up and clunky home pages, so this is being streamlined. It will show fewer ads and will will have far fewer buttons and page templates. It’s really more of decluttering MySpace.

“If we are refurbishing a house, it’s starting from the ground up,” Jones said. “We’re working on refocusing the company (and) narrowing down what our product doesMySpace has long fallen behind Facebook in user numbers and estimated advertising revenue. Its 130 million users are mostly under 35, while Facebook’s fastest-growing user base is those over 35. But take note that MySpace clearer says it’s not trying to compete with social networks like Facebook.

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