The iPhone goes 4 inches

The rumors just won’t stop coming, will they? As if the news of an iPhone with a sliding physical keyboard attached to it was not enough to rock the world of the loyal touch-screeners, another claim has come up, but this time, it’s more of a welcome rumor than a heretical one.

Some speculated that the iPhone is going to go nano, but it seems like it’s going to go larger as well. This is indeed very interesting considering the hype of the 4-7 inches competition from other companies, it is said that Apple is going to take them on with on gentle sweep, hence the rumor of a 4-inch screen in the new iPhones.

I don’t think that the iPhone is going to go any nano-er than it actually is. Let’s face it, there are other smartphones out there that offer more brilliant and larger display, and if one of the rumors are close to reality, I think that this bigger screen is the real thing. I mean, why would Apple go nano? The iPhone is used mainly for calls and other things that need a larger screen, and now go nano? It’s not just connecting quite yet.

But when we talk abut the 4-inch screen, man that is one iPhone I will be waiting for eagerly. I’m so used to bringing my gadget with me and use it mainly to watch web content straight from it. I am very lazy and I don’t think that bringing a bulky laptop—even the MacBook Air is bulky for me—will ever become a best friend tucked inside my bag. This move is said to rival all the other smartphones which are in the 4 – 7-inch category. Even if it’s just a meager .5 increase, that will still make big difference. Wow I can almost see it now.

Your thoughts

Anyways, what have you got in mind about this issue? You also think that this bigger screen will kill all rivals with just one sweep? What do you like to add and share?

Let us all know in the comments!

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