Should you buy the iPad 2?

It’s been weeks since the iPad 2 was launched, and I guess the buzz has already died. I was really impressed with the hype that was created before the gadget was launched, and I was even very excited to get my hands on the iPad 2.

Then came the launch date and I was on the internet watching the event over video streaming and after consulting the Apple website getting my hands on the iPad 2 in the iStore I nmy area, here are my thoughts on the things that iPad 2 had to offer (but let me just focus on the big ticket items):

Dual core A5 chip

When I got my hands on the iPad 2, I immediately tested the responsiveness of the device, and I had to swipe my fingers across the screen and I noticed that the overall responsiveness of the device was really beyond what I had expected. I also did some multitasking and the time it takes to switch between tasks is indeed faster. I also tried to load the Maps and it immediately rendered the map.

Of course, the speed of Safari can be affected by the Wifi connection, but other than that, I say that it is indeed very fast.

Front-facing Camera

This is probably the main difference that one can see compared to the iPad 2’s predecessor. This is also one of the main features that I was really excited about because video calling (a.k.a. FaceTime for Apple’s gadgets) which is a very welcome addition to the ways we people communicate with one another.

I tested the front-facing camera, and it felt weird seeing my own face in a much larger screen (I have an iPod Touch 4). Although I was quite contented with the front-facing camera, and I thank Apple for really adding the camera.

Rear-facing Camera

This is one of the things that I was not really so excited about. Of course, I also tried the rear-facing camera, and it was the weirdest thing. It felt like I was holding up a big block of wood just so I can take a photo.

Let me be clear about this though. The camera is really okay and the video was average—complete with HD videos, but I just couldn’t imagine myself using it in a very practical way. I would rather use a point-and-shoot camera and transfer it to iTunes.

Is Apple out to change the way pictures are taken, or how videos are made? Sure, you can definitely use it, but not me.

You guys may like how this works, but I don’t. It’s not discreet to use. You could be an undercover agent with an iPad 2, but how can you go undercover with the rear-facing camera? I know. I’m just pushing the idea, but I hope you get what I mean. Not a hater here, okay. I’m just saying.

Thin design and light-weight

I guess the reason why I was devastated at this “improvement” at first was because I couldn’t see that big of a difference between the original and this second generation. This was actually the first thing that I really wanted to see for myself the moment I stepped inside that iStore.

And maybe I was romantic and idealistic enough to think that the iPad 2 was as thin as the iPod Touch 4th generation. Guess I was wrong.

In all honesty though, I think that the few millimeters made the difference when it comes to the weight, because compared to the original, this was a joy to hold and carry. And it doesn’t dance around when you place it on top of a table. The flat back design really makes it very cool to use.

Is it worth it?

I guess this question is very tricky. But the only thing that I can say about this is that I am a bit cautious about wanting to buy this device because it still has got a lot of potential for improvement. Just think of the iPhone. It started with the first generation and look where it has gotten so far? The 4th generation is far from the original.

Again, I’m not saying that the iPad 2 is not good, it is. It’s just that I don’t want to keep on buying new things every time an updated version comes in about a half year or a year. Maybe when the iPad has hologram capabilities, that would be the day. Until then, I’m good with my iPod Touch 4g.

Your thoughts

What about you? What can you say about the iPad 2? Have you bought your own? What things do you like about it so far? Do you agree with my thoughts? If not, kindly enlighten me.

Let us all know in the comments!

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