Reinventing the Desktop

Here’s a proposal for reinventing the desktop with a multitouch ‘pad’. Check it out – quite interesting. Although I’m not sure how practical this is. What do you think? Here’s the blurb:

This video examines the benefits and limitations inherent in current mouse-based and window-oriented interfaces, the problems facing other potential solutions, and visualizes my proposal for a completely new way of interacting with desktop computers.

10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo.

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  1. McMoodMcMood10-16-2009

    No, I don’t agree. There are stress related injuries even from the conventional mouse and keyboard and how the screen is orientated to a person.

    Secondly, the new style OS and windows management – well alot of that can already be found in a whole host of linux flavours, like linux moblin and many of the multi touch functionalities are already available on apple machines. It’s not that innovative as far as I am concerned. And regarding your hand covering the screen – oh come on! No one keeps their hands on the screen in mid air for minutes at a time. You would move what you want and then bring your hands down. Granted with design work you may keep your hand on the screen for longer, but not everyone is a designer and tablet screens and the likes would be a choice that the specialists would look into. Plus from evolutionary perspective our brains literally see through our hands and learns to adapt very quickly. We don’t necessarily see the keys we press on a phone, our finger tips are in the way! But our brain knows those buttons are there, in the same way even if we were to have our hands on the screen like we were doing some kind of kids hand painting! The brain would have taken in the information before of what is behind it and would learn to act accordingly.

    The reality is this is just a glorified multi touch mouse pad which is huge. In many ways the smaller macbook pros multitouch mouse pads already do this and you could technically have two mouse pads one on the left and right if you really wanted two hands and two mice – although most of us aren’t really ambidextrous in the real world. We screw screws with our dominant hand and not the other one in general, we dial a phone number on our phone with our dominant hand and not the other in general, we brush our teeth with our dominant hand and would be brushing our face if we tried to use our wrong hand!

    Sorry, but the world of 3d virtuality and haptic feedback in that virtual world is I believe the real future and the 3d interaction provides not only a more familiar surrounding for us 3d beings but it also allows increased complexity and functionality for those who are able to utilise it. Bring on Star Trek’s holosuites! 😉