iPhone rumor: A slide physical keyboard for the iPhone 5

How would the touch-screen world react to an iPhone with a physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard? Good luck….

But that’s what the latest rumors say. An asian blog has fearlessly shared that has first hand information about three new and different devices being considered—or so the rumors says—for the next generation of iPhones, namely the iPhone 5. And not only that, the rumors says that it’s going to come out this summer.

Imagine the nerve!!

Okay, before I go gaga over this news, let me describe further how the alleged iPhone 5 designs are. One of these devices has a physical QWERTY keyboard that slides out so that you get to type faster and you can feel the keys in your fingertips. This is very unlikely, I suppose, because Stevie has always been “adamant” about physical keyboards. He has always been on the argument that if you have physical keyboards on your device, you wouldn’t be able to really change things up because the keyboard will be there forever. And how can you be as flexible as you can be? What if apps are not compatible with your keyboard buttons? Anything can happen, and if you have a virtual touch keyboard, then it would be easier for developers to make applications; and if you they need to have other buttons to make the app work faster, the developers can just change the virtual keyboard and place their preferred keyboard design in the app itself. Good on you, Steve.

As a side note, there is also another model that’s rumored to come out and it is said to be just like the current iPhone, but with a longer battery life and a much better camera. This move will be more like what happened to the 3rd generation iPhone: from 3rd gen to 3GS; only subtle changes.

I can’t say that this rumor is bogus because this blog site has been right in other times, and wrong in some. Not to be taken for granted, but not to be taken so seriously as wel. Let’s just say that this rumor and the others are just footnotes to your own speculations. Everything remains to be seen, and unless the official announcement comes, I would still just focus on what the current iPhone offers me and get excited on the next releases.

Your thoughts

What do you think? Do you think there is some truth to this rumor? Have you any other rumors? What do you think is Apple going to do to the iPhone 4 to upgrade it? What do you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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