iPhone 5 in September?

You know how rumors are. The more the release date is coming near (which is on September—probably), the more the rumors become “violent” and amazingly tempting to believe. The rumors for the iPhone 5 is really becoming more and more violently appealing with pictures rendered by fans and other things speculated by many.

Here are some of the rumors that I have heard of so far:

1. A bigger screen

It is likely that the screen of the iPhone 5 will be bigger and it will be 4 inches like most of the Android phones out there. The bezel will be thinner to accommodate the screen, and still get the same phone size.

2. iOS 5

Apple developers are probably given enough time to completely overhaul the iOS for the 5th version. A lot of complaints have been said about the iOS 4 (actually all the versions had complaints—naturally). So I hope that the issues will be addressed well.

3. No home button

The rumors all agree that the iPhone will probably lose the home button, but the button will be replaced by new touch gestures to control the device. Or better yet, there will be a touch-sensitive home button.

4. New touch controls

It is very likely that the new iPhone will have more touch gestures, because these gestures are even hidden in the latest iPhone and the iPad. We expect the use of three, four, and even five finger touch gestures to control everything.

5. Amazing camera with full HD video capabilities

The iPhone 4 already has great camera capabilities with still and videos. But rumors have it that the 5th gen is going to be even better with full HD video capabilities and an even higher specs for the still camera. I guess Apple needs to step up its game because Android phones even have up to 12 megapixels.

Your thoughts

How about you? What do you think about these rumors? What do you want to add? What other rumors have you heard?

Let us all know in the comments!

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