iPad 2 problem with Verizon 3G

Apple has admitted last week that customers—although only “some of them”—have experienced problems connecting with the Verizon 3G network and they are out to investigate the matter. This is actually a gentle but big blow on the newly launched device because there has been a very big hype created around it when it was still in the Apple shelves and hidden from our eyes.

What the problem is apparently is that iPad 2 owners have to restart their thin and magical tablets just to reconnect to the Verizon 3G network after turning it off or when they are finished using 3G. Some customers even go to the extent of doing a hard reset on their device just so the 3G network can be accessed again.

The problem is said to not affect the AT&T subscribers, but still discussions about the problem, whether with Apple and Verizon or just among those who were hit with the problem, should be done and immediate action must be taken. It’s just sad to see these bugs or problems early on.

Oh well, if this issue is just software-related then it will be remedied in just a days, and I think that it is really software-related. iOS 4.3.2 is coming out so you better watch out for it and update once it’s out.

Your thoughts

Have you experienced this with your iPad 2? What other things do you like to add? Do you also do what the other iPad 2 owners are doing, or are you doing something that’s different, but works? If you do, share it please.

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. AlexandraAlexandra12-19-2012

    it should come with the utpdae since siri is part of the iOS 5.0 software utpdae. Along with iMessage and all of that good stuff. Im getting the 4s but if i was use i wouldn’t upgrade if u already have the 4. hope this answers ur question. thumbs up please trying to get to level 2