How To Convert a SIM to a MicroSIM with a Meat Cleaver! (Use a US iPad 3G with any SIM)

Great article by John Benson about How to Convert a SIM to a MicroSIM with a knife! This is especially handy if you live in the UK and want to get your iPad 3G that you bought from the US working in the UK. We know how difficult it is to wait. Try at your own risk.

Go in to Settings, Cellular Data

Press the Home button on your iPad, go in to Safari and browse away with your new UK 3G iPad!

Then go in to APN and enter the access point.  If you are using Vodafone in the UK, the APN is internet

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  1. Eric BerryEric Berry05-09-2010

    Does the iPad need to be jail broken in order for this to work? I heard that sprint is working on a case with a built in 4G modem, which may be a more legit way of doing this.

  2. MKMK05-09-2010

    @Eric, no that’s the cool thing. Apparently it works on all iPads because iPads are not factory locked like the iPhone is.

  3. WKWK05-11-2010

    Forget the ipad…
    I like the micro sim… I wish I could do something to my Mini SD card and turn it into a Micro SD


    • ReginaldReginald06-01-2010

      A week ago bought micro sim adapter from Costs only 4.5 EUR. Really worth it. Now use my simcard in both Ipad and Iphone. Should save me lots of pounds, since there is no need to sign for another plan. Highly recommend this seller, his price and
      delivery options are the best so far.