Embracing Change

One of the biggest hold ups for an organization is getting teams to buy into change. The resistance is often in part to comfort levels established from doing things a certain way, and fear of the unknown once the change is implemented. A couple of quick tips to help win people over:

1) Take the time to explain to people on an individual basis how the change will specifically benefit them, either by helping them be more accurate, or perhaps more efficient.

2) Don’t threaten them and scare them with what ‘might’ happen if they refuse to buy in. Instead, listen to their concerns and try to provide positive reinforcement for the change.

3) Give advance notice and don’t spring it on your team.

4) Provide adequate education beforehand so people are ready for it and understand how things will work going forward.

5) Allow people to air their concerns and complaints about the impending change without fear of reprisal. Just hear them out, it helps a lot.

Just a few points to mull over.

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  1. WKWK02-06-2010

    Thanks for the tips…
    I have had firsthand experience with this… Sometimes in an organization people simple just dont want a change even if the change would make their lives 10 times easier…