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Admitting your Mistakes

Tweet We all make mistakes. It is part of being human! Owning up to our mistakes however is what makes the difference. Yet, time and time again the blame is shifted here or there, and no one is willing to take responsibility and face the consequences of their actions head on. From a business point of view, if you are …

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Are you playing the blame game?

Tweet Almost everyone has played the blame game at some point. The rules are simple, if you get accused of doing, or not doing something, you need to deflect the situation by pushing the blame onto someone else! The key to winning the game is to ensure that no one is able to blame you for the things you have …

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Emotional Stability

Tweet The last couple of days have been pretty hectic. There have been a series of highs and lows, enough to play havoc with most people’s minds. I guess this is part of entrepreneurship that gets lost in translation when people romantically recount their entrepreneurial experiences. I wrote about emotional control a year or so ago,  as I was reading …

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Attitude Reflects Leadership

Tweet Not the most likely source for business inspiration, but good nonetheless-

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The Right Question Could Mean Everything

Tweet These days innovation is everything. What can you bring that’s not being addressed? Or to put it another way, what are you looking at that other people are not? Inquisitiveness and asking the right question is a crucial element of success. Take Gatorade for example. The scientists who invented it did so after embarking upon a journey asking the …

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A Thought on Perspectives

Tweet You may have heard about the woman who constantly complained about her neighbor’s laundry on the line. Whenever she looked out the window, she never saw the laundry clean. One morning, to her surprise, she woke up to see a fresh line of laundry outside. “They finally learned how to wash properly!” she exclaimed to her husband. He replied, …

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