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Android is on top of the game

Tweet There’s no denying the fact that for months now the Android OS has been outselling the iPhone and the BB phones, and now the green robotic OS has finally gotten a bigger share of the smartphone market in the US. The charts show that 33% of U.S. smartphone users owned an Android phones as of February of this year, …

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Google Translate: better than learning a new language in school

Tweet A lot of people have been, from time immemorial wanting to bridge that gap between people from different races. That gap that’s larger than the great barrier reef: the language barrier. That’s Google’s objective with Translate app for Android. This is a free app that helps people who travel a lot to different countries better communicate with the locals—and …

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Android bug causes mayhem in text messaging

Tweet Just when you’re excited enough to send out a text message that contains three or four separate text message conversations, the Android messaging software gets mixed up and sends the other parts of the message to the wrong person. You think that you’re sending a reply to your friend or relative, but the contact name suddenly switches so that …

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Voice Actions for Android

Tweet Have you ever had a Swiss Army knife? It’s got everything you need to become the next McGyver. Amazingly, mobile phones have turned out to become the new Swiss Army knives. The Android mobile device is a handheld computer, an entertainment player, a GPS navigation device and more, all these things packed into one sleek device that easily hides …

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Top 10 of the 50,000 applications on Android

Tweet 50,000 is a staggering number. That is just a lot! So to help you zero in on the essentials, here are our Top 10 pics of Android apps: 1.  twidroid     The industry-standard twitter client for android. It’s one of the most used twitter applications across all platforms. Available in free and pro versions. The commercial pro version supports …

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