Why working SMART is best

They say that one sure way to really be successful to work hard. Work is needed in anything of value. There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world. You have to work in order to get something. Right?

True, but not as absolute as before.

Over the years, people have been findings ways to do less work and still get the desired results if work was done by you 100% of the time. Especially with the exit of the industrial age, people are becoming more informed and everywhere knowledge sells like pancakes. These factors presented a concern and “problem” that brilliant minds had to address. And so they were able to come up with a very cool solution: working smart. They found out that you don’t need to work as hard as before to be successful. You only have to work smart enough.

So how can you work smart? Here are some tips:

1. Leverage on peoples’ time

Time is the greatest equalizer, but if you learn to harness it the right way, you could have virtually unlimited time. Just think about it; what would you like you (or one person) doing 8 hours in a day or 8 people doing 1 hour each? And how about if those 8 people whom you’ve tapped or hired did 5 hours each? That’s equivalent to 40 hours of work done on a particular task! Everyone only has 24 hours in a day. That’s 16 extra virtual hours that you have because you leveraged on the precious time of other people.

You don’t need to hire people though, although that is what most business owners do. And even if hiring people entails some expenses, the returns are far more exciting and rewarding. It’s definitely worth it.

2. Leverage on others’ talents

Aside from the precious time that you can leverage on, another way of working smart is by employing the services of people who have great talents and skills—those people who are better than you at something.

That’s right. Hire or tap people who are better than you. Let them work for you or with you. When you are stuck up there are afraid to lose your position if you hire people who are better than you, you’re not only stupid, but you’re geared up for downfall. A good business person is a good leader, and a good leader knows his strengths and weaknesses and is not insecure of others.

Only the smart ones hire or tap people who are way better than them. On the contrary, what’s so smart about hiring people who are inferior to you? You get inferior work and therefore, inferior results.

3. Get the right information—fast.

The industrial age has long been gone. It’s the era of information. The one who succeeds is the one who has information and not just any kind of information, but the right information. You can have a lot of information out there, but chances are, most of them are poop.

You are ahead if you get the right information fast.

Your thoughts

What do you think? How smart are you when it comes to working? Do you get the results that you want to have? What other tips can you share with us?

Let us all know in the comments!

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