Ways to improve yourself

So what do you if you find yourself stagnating? You’re not growing, you’re not improving, you’re not becoming a person of learning and improvement. Your life is virtually stunted. That’s a bad thing to have.

So how do you finally start to improve yourself?

  • Learn a new language. When you’re in business, it’s a plus if you know more than two languages—especially if they are the languages that most people use like Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, etc. Aside from being a fun thing to do, learning new languages makes you more competitive when prospecting foreign clients.
  • Read a book every day. Books are concentrated sources of wisdom. The more books you read, the more wisdom you expose yourself to. Just read about 15 minutes a day. Not fifteen pages, fifteen minutes. You go at your own pace.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. Being too comfortable doesn’t help us grow – it makes us stagnate. What is your comfort zone? Do you keep to your own space when out with other people? Shake your routine up. Do something different. By exposing yourself to a new context, you’re literally growing as you learn to act in new situations in your life.
  • Learn from other people. Think about the people who are important to you and those that inspire you. These people reflect certain qualities you want to have for yourself too. What are the qualities in them you want to have for yourself? How can you acquire these qualities? How can you learn from them?
  • Stop a bad habit. Bad habits are a no-no in any situation, much more in business. Are there any bad habits you can lose? Overanalyzing? Not exercising? Being late? Nail biting? Smoking? Lose these habits and you’ll be more ready to move on and improve yourself.
  • Acknowledge, accept, and work on your flaws. All of us has flaws. What’s most important is to understand them, acknowledge them, and keep on improving in how you address them. What do you think are your flaws? What are the flaws you can work on now? Flaws make you human and keep you humble.
  • Stay away from negative people. Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. This is so true. Just imagine yourself living for a month with someone who’s an alcoholic, or a smoker, or an addict, or a gossiper. Good thing if you’re the one who influences them to mend their ways. But most of the times, it’s you who take on their bad habits as well. Wherever we go, there are bound to be negative people. Don’t spend too much of your time around them if you feel they drag you down. Flee from them as if from a plague.
  • Start a 30-day challenge. It’s always nice and advantageous for anyone to set a goal and give yourself 30 days to achieve it. Your goal can be to stick with a new habit or something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet. 30 days is just enough time to strategize, plan, get into action, review and achieve your goals and the habit that you might want to have.
  • Be in solitude and meditate. Meditation helps to calm you and be more conscious about the things around you. It also helps you center on yourself and achieve balance. You’ll soon notice the benefits of meditating and you’ll be able to sleep more soundly.

Your thoughts

What about you? What would you like to add? Have you thought about trying to improve yourself so that you can be the best that you can be? Do you think there’s a need for you to do that?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. radicalwill2010radicalwill201008-13-2010

    One thing that you need to have as a person is the willingness to learn, or teachability. Unless you have this teachable spirit, you will never be able to open up to new things–thus obstructing growth. Humility is key to improve one’s self.