Top 10 reasons why you should buy the iPhone 4

Have you already gotten your hands on the new iPhone 4? If not, why haven’t you gotten one yet? Do you have any concerns that may be stopping you?

Well, enough about doubts. Here are the top 10 reasons that will surely help you decide:

1. It runs the iOS 4, of course

One of the most important advantages brought about by the fresh iPhone is its capability to run the iPhone OS 4 (or as iOS 4), which should bring about a whole new experience with the addition of a new set of cool features, including multi-tasking, folders, and many more.

The operating system is really a huge step forward for Apple. The handset will enable users to enjoy this new offering from Apple and experience the new features at its best.

2. Higher screen resolution

The new unit sports a 960 × 540 resolution, a fantastic dimension for mobile devices. Hi-Def videos do look really amazing on the iPhone 4G’s new OLED screen. And with its improved HD audio playback (a promise fulfilled by Apple), you can have a multimedia experience on the go like no other!

3. Video calling

This is the most exciting addition to the Apple iPhone 4. With the addition of a front camera, video calling is now possible—thankfully! You can now use IM video conferencing, do some video calls as allowed by your own carrier, or just use Apple’s video chat application, the iChat.

4. Longer battery life

The longer battery life promised by Apple is now a reality. After all, your enjoyment of this cellphone greatly depends on how long you can use it. Because more than 30% battery life is added to the unit, you can be sure that you’ll have a longer time enjoying the new things that the iPhone 4 can offer.

5. New stylish and sexier design

The iPhone 4 is 25% lighter and thinner than previous models. In aesthetic terms, this would mean a sleeker, sexier design. In terms of functionality, this means that people with delicate hands – particularly the female part of the population- will have an easier time handling the iPhone 4.

6. Front cam applications

You didn’t think the front camera was going to be used solely for video calling, did you? Of course that’s unlikely because the front camera isn’t only good for video calling. Some applications are now being developed to make good use of this new feature. Just imagine, a game where you can play with a character which has your exact likeness. Or a real time makeover app? The possibilities are just endless.

7. Better camera

Upgraded to 5 megapixels, the newest version of the popular product just made an already impressive image-capturing feature even more powerful and noteworthy! Also, the 4G model now boasts a flash!

8. Multitasking capabilities

I know you’re one of the many people who dreamed of this capability to finally be used on an iPhone. Tired of having to close an app just to open up a new one? Well, the 4G model will finally—FINALLY—allow you to multitask, like opening up several applications simultaneously. It’s about time!

9. LED flash and photo shooting options

The presence of an LED flash (which doubles as an LED video light), tap to focus and 5x zoom will also make the iPhone 4 quite popular for taking good-quality photos. This will convince quite a lot of users to go for the iPhone 4. The handset now sports a much more serious sensor, which is also backlit, meaning that the overall quality of the photos taken in low-light conditions will most likely increase.

10. 230,000+ apps
There are now over 230,000 apps in the App Store and thousands more are added each day. Can you just imagine what things you can do with your iPhone $? Whatever you want to do, chances are there’s an app for that. All you need is search for it.

11. Bonus reason: Lower price

With no subscription plans at only $199 for 32GB and $299 for 64GB. Now that should put an end to the question of how to buy the iPhone without subscription. You’re free to choose a telecommunications network you’re comfortable with, and you won’t have to worry about a lock-in period.

With those 10+1 reasons in place, why should you even think about it? The iPhone is not just a smartphone. It’s the future! So get one, fast. :)

Your thoughts

What do you think? What other reasons do you think make the iPhone 4 and irresistible buy this year? What did we miss?

Let us all know in the comments!

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