Tips on how to manage stress

Freelancers, although generally well-adjusted individuals still experience the dreaded loss of energy and the stress that comes with the job. And inasmuch as you would like to avoid all these things, you just can’t, really. That is because stress and other things of the same nature, are part and parcel of doing any kind of work or business.

The only way to beat these stressful things is not really to eliminate them, but to manage them. Since you can’t get rid of them all together, why not accept them and ask yourself how you can manage stress?

Here are some tips that helped me combat stress and get back some of the peace and relaxation that I needed:


This could be one of the life-savers that I know whenever I feel light-headed or stressed throughout the day. When we work we use up all our body energy and water is very essential to every functioning part of our body. Did you know the human body is made up mostly of water?
So you better replenish that water as soon as you can.


I have always tried this one, and the results are amazing. The hormones released during a few short exercises or routines can really boost your mood and your energy levels.

Whenever I feel sleepy staring all day at my computer monitor, I just get up, and make a quick stationary jog near my chair and do some stretching. After that, I drink a glass of water, and then I’m all set!

Of course, it’s another thing if you’re doing really tiring exercises, you will surely feel sleepy and tired after wards; but just do some light routines just to get your system warmed up again.

Change of environment

Sometimes, your posture is getting in the way of your most productive days. So why not stretch a bit and just go to another part of the room or the house and start working again. You can actually try sitting down, or standing up depending on the kind of position that will work for you.

Deep Breathing.

Deep breathing really does work wonders. Sometimes, because our brains are doing a lot of thinking and working, we tend to not take in enough oxygen because we tend to breathe rapidly when we are stressed. That’s when we become light-heated and confused. When our brain lacks oxygen in the blood, we might actually faint.

To avoid that, why not take the time—even if it is hard at times—to just take in a few deep breaths. Slowly inhale and hold it for a second or two, then release it slowly as well. This is very effective in making you relaxed and really de-stress your life.

Interact with others more

Why not go out and just be with other people for a change? Freelancing jobs can be very tricky because you have less time interacting with other people. It may not be lonely, but it sure feels awful being alone.

Go out and invite a friend over a cup of coffee and just reconnect. After that, go home and start working again.

Hobbies and crafts.

Hobbies and crafts let you get away from the mundane and same old files or designs you’re looking at for the past couple of months. They trigger a part of your brain that’s connected to arts and being a child.

Your hobby maybe cars or horseback riding, or what have you. The most important thing is that you get to escape from all the stuff that you see in your life and desk or workplace day in and day out.

So, why don’t you continue with your knitting? :)

Your thoughts

These are only a few things that you can do and you can actually do a lot more. What are other tips that you do which are not listed above? Which do you prefer doing and which of them give you the best results? What do you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. Jason Gu.Jason Gu.03-14-2011

    good point. actually i am tired very often because of work. i will follow your tips and hope it will help me somewhere.

  2. Stephen NellasStephen Nellas03-15-2011

    @Jason: thanks for planning to follow my tips. Please do give a feedback after you try them. And also, please do try other things that you think will work and share it with us as well. Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Jason Gu.Jason Gu.03-16-2011

      recently i will participate a marathon, so i do exercise everyday. and i found that exercise is no doubt the most effective way to release stress. meanwhile i also could strengthen my body.

  3. what doesn’t kill you will only make u stronger! if your doin what u like it is exercise, if your not doin what you don’t like it is stress…

  4. kiran.chadakiran.chada05-08-2011

    When you think everything is at ease, relieved the real problems arise and vice versa. I heard many people say it is very difficult to attain the stage of unwavering mind. Leadership skills and management techniques (Can’t be managed like the other resources-Man, machine & money) cannot be used to solve this elusive and enigmatic changes that happen in the mind. The challenges we face in our everyday activities could be the cause. Compelled administration delays and abandons natural instincts in human beings, creativity is lost. The tips mentioned above may reduce stress. I would comment on the above mentioned points one at a time:1) Water: It will reduce the thirst & stress level reduction will be momentary,2) Exercise: Great way of relaxing, not only reduces fat but also to shape your body(exercises are good in the morning and evening).3)Deep breathing: Sort of meditation and relaxes the mind, This too will pass-by and temporary. The question here is the daily stress (Family, friends, Peer pressure, societal)?If you do this regularly at one stage you become lonely, desert everyone in this process you are a saint already. Life is dependent and everybody lives in a mutual society. Stress levels are high due to “survival of fittest” and “parasitic” bent of mind. I completely agree to interaction with others: It probably reduces all the stress. Sharing makes you comfortable, download all the heavy thoughts and make us feel secure. There is someone who cares for you & me. None understood man/woman kind, he/she about stress. Eons passed the conundrum still lingers in mind what is he/she thinking? What is happening in “your” mind? My strong belief: The day we stop thinking more about counterpart/opponent/ colleagues, 98% stress levels can be reduced, the other 2% is by practice. Trust me the “sky is not falling or the earth will not stop rotating” by stress, It is only a short lived headache. DE-stressing is nothing but understanding “Mysteries of the mind”.
    By “Kiran. Chada”.

  5. Stephen NellasStephen Nellas05-11-2011

    @Kiran Chada: Thanks for your inputs and I’m glad you agree with what I wrote. If there is one thing that silently eats us all up, it’s stress. We have to manage it if we’re not able to eliminate it. Thanks again.