Tips for working on the Go

As a freelancer, you mostly work at your own terms, well “mostly” mostly. But generally you do have a good sense of control with your time and it’s almost unheard of for a freelancer to be always stuck at home.

Business people, freealancers, even office workers go on a vacation. So how do you maximize your time for work while on the go? Here are a few tips for you to have a vacation time + work time spent worthwhile.

1. Bring only the essential things.

I’ve been the type of person who takes with him a lot of things even in simple short term vacations, especially if there’s work involved. I always get caught up in all the things that I need to bring. And the funny and yet sad part of this is that I end up forgetting about the most important thing. For example, I forgot to bring my internet connection, but I brought everything except that.

I’ve come up with a simple and yet brilliant strategy. I listed ONLY the most essential things that I should bring. I don’t need to bring my printer (why would I think of bringing a bulky printer?), nor do I need to bring a lot of things. But I do need to see if I’ll be leaving for days or weeks. Of course, I still need to see if the supplies I’ve got will make me live throughout my vacation or work outside of the office or home.

Besides, you wouldn’t want to think about a lot of things when you’re working on the go. Keep everything simple and keep the number of things you’ll bring to a minimum. Chances are you won’t be using those things anyway. So why bother?

2. Schedule activities, but don’t be too bookish.

Have your calendar ready and block off certain schedules. But don’t get too tied up to those schedules. You still need to be spontaneous—you’re on vacation!

I’m not saying that you go against the values of commitment and time management. But let’s face it, there are times when the unimaginable things happen—be they good or bad, these things just come out of the blue and tend to “ruin” your schedule.

But come to think of it, if you have really learned the proper ways to manage your time, you will know that part of “managing” time is giving a breathing space for spontaneity. You never know what to expect and if you become too rigid, you’ll be crashing down hard.

3. Be creative during your free time

Remember to bring your pen and paper (or notebook) handy, even during vacations. Vacations provide a lot of time for your mind to rest and detach itself from the routine of everyday. This opens up opportunities for creativity to come flowing again.

4. Be ready for setbacks.

Have your tools nearby. Prepare everything that you need to bring for work and also prepare for a few minor setbacks. Have your installers with you or have a spare storage device with you.

5. Offline solutions

Odds are the place where you’re going to may not have the internet connectivity that you so need doing work on the go. There are places that provide you internet connection, but you can never be too fortunate all the time. You should download online materials way before you leave, switch to a desktop email client, or figure out a wifi backup. There are a lot of devices in the market right now that provide wireless connectivity.

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