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clockIf there is one thing that most of us would love to buy, it’s time. Getting things done is about efficient time management. Here are some symptoms of poor time management:

  • You keep missing deadlines regularly
  • You don’t get enough time for yourself
  • You have trouble finishing off your tasks each day
  • At the end of the day you wonder what you did all day
  • You miss important tasks now and again
  • You feel overwhelmed with work and don’t know where to start
  • You procrastinate often
  • You need to get away from your desk every half hour (or less) for a glass of water, toilet break, snack break or to chat to your friends etc.

If you see some of these symptoms in yourself, it is very probably that you are poor at managing time. The biggest problem with people who have poor time management is that they don’t recognize the problem in the first place. They say that often a problem is solved merely by recognizing it. In other words, if you are conscious of a problem, it is more likely that you will actively do things in order to change that.

One of the most effective ways of combating poor time management is to prioritize your tasks. Create a todo list and then order the tasks according to priority – highest first. Make sure you don’t write everything down though – only the tasks that really do need to be done.

If you don’t think you can finish all your tasks, make sure that you schedule your time to do the most important tasks. It’s also very important to be realistic about what you can and can’t do in a set amount of time. Don’t set goals that are unachievable and unrealistic. Be realistic and when you find yourself ticking off tasks and accomplishing your goals, it raises your morale and that in turn will increase your productivity.

Another very effective way of managing time is to plan your breaks. When you actively say to yourself that you will take a planned break at, say, 3pm, you can look forward to that time and try to get a number of tasks done before then. This way you can remain focused on your work during work time and not mess around wondering what to do.

Making sure you use your time efficiently is a very important matter. It can really help to reduce stress and make your working life much more enjoyable. It also has many health benefits in that less stress equals healthier person.

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