The top essential things you need in freelancing

Freelancing is a very lucrative career when you have the necessary things that will help you achieve the goals of each project that you get into. It’s really even easier than most businesses because you don’t need much capital to start this business. Most of the things you need to start it you already have, and maybe you just need a few more things that are really essential to your career.

Here is a list of the critical items you need to have to keep you going. If you already have these things or some of them, well done. For those you still don’t have, you better take a hold of them soon so as to boost your freelancing business.


Of course, you need to have a computer to work with. Whether it’s a PC or a Mac, you choose; just make sure that your computer is going to address the needs of your clients. Think about specs ad battery life or other features.

But they don’t have to be expensive. There are great computers sold online and you can even choose to buy a slightly used computer over a new one. What I love about slightly used ones is that they already contain some features that I need that would otherwise be absent from a new computer. So new isn’t necessarily better.

Be mindful that your computer is your best employee and your best friend in this business. Of course, other “friends” are also essential and they are listed below.

Cable internet is a must

This is the best friend of your best friend. You need a very stable and high speed cable internet because you have to connect with clients and do most of your work online. You need to save things and to create things in the cloud, so you better be riding on a very fast jet to get you there.

Okay, there is a debate that DSL is better than cable internet or the other way around. This still depends upon many things like the location and the providers, and etc.

Composition Book

As a freelancer you need to have a very nice, simple, but good notebook. You need to record your notes and get back to them later; you need to write things down and capture that idea as it comes. You can’t afford to forget things when you’re in freelancing. Every idea counts.

Automatic Backups

This definitely will save your life. You need backup to safeguard your files from anything that might happen that could lead you losing them. You can have Apple’s Time Capsule as it can wirelessly backup your files and it can work with multiple computers. Or there could be other systems that you can setup for your automatic backup. So you choose what is best for you and you’ll be good to go.


As a freelancer, you sit down and type most of the times. Soon your body aches and your wrists, too. So you have to choose a chair and a desk that will facilitate proper positioning of your body and your hands and fingers and wrists. Ergonomics has to play a big part in your freelancing business. If you don’t have this, you will not last long.

Inspire yourself

Of all the things that we mentioned, this is probably one thing that you can’t afford to live without. And why do I say “inspire” yourself? Because you cannot have 24-7 inspiration. That’s just not possible. You may be inspired for one straight week, but how about after that? You may need to write things down from now on or have your favorite inspirational book near your for easy access.

A dedicated space as an office

This actually goes both ways. When you have a dedicated room in your house as an office, you can just work there endlessly and shut the door so that no distraction get to you or they are put to a minimum; and you can also shut your office off when you’re trying to relax or eat dinner with the family.

Learn how to separate work from your own private life. Balance it out and an office is going to help you do that.

Your thoughts

I think that I pretty much covered the most essential things that will help you make great things in your freelancing business. But what other things do you like to add to the list? What other things should you have in order to live in freelancing heaven? What do you have in mind?

Let us all know in the comments!

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