The things you become when you do freelancer

As I was thinking about my life as a writer and how this life has impacted me and other people so far, I began to realize something that amused me. In all the months and years that I’ve been working on my writing, I’ve been able to do things that I wouldn’t have otherwise done had I not become a writer.

And these are really amazing things that I’ve done; I never imagined that I would be able to do such things, but I did and I couldn’t have done it in my profession as a writer had I not taken on jobs that other people would have done.

And you better take heed of the things that I am going to list down because you may be already doing them as well, and you can actually help other people cope with the stress they’re experiencing. Here they are:


This is the first thing that you become whenever you do freelancing. Everything is affected by money, especially when you’re working for yourself. You have to take care of everything financial, be it your rate or whatever it is that pertains to your career. You don’t have a human resource department taking care of your taxes and you do not have somebody who does the budget for you. Okay, you may hire someone, but what’s the point?

You should just have continued your old job as the manager or as anyone. Freelancing takes some maturity and some basic skills for you to thrive.


Yes, you do collect your own collectibles from your clients. And even in big companies, this is one area of the business that only the tough last in. You need to keep yourself focused and just be professional about it. Some people have a difficult time doing this because they are not prepared or trained to collect money.

But there is one motivation that made me do it: the prospect of getting hungry or not paying your bills, or not giving your kids their needs. That always makes you go and get that money.

Customer Care Rep

You need to also learn how to manage your clients and the best way to do this is to make the lines of communications open. You have to ask them what they want and what your expectations are, for both ways. You need to assist them if there are problems in the schedule or with the project.


Don’t be too naïve about sales. And don’t go telling me that you’re not into sales. Why are you in the freelancing industry in the first place if you do not like sales? You have to present yourself as the commodity itself, or at least your skills and your abilities. I for one never really envisioned the day that I will be selling, but come to think of it, I have been selling myself to potential clients and customers.

So Sales isn’t that bad after all.



You have to clean up after you work, or you will not be a very successful freelancer. Every successful freelancer is a person who knows when to clean up and how to clean it up. It may not be an everyday thing, as long as you don’t really let all the dust and paperwork pile up. But if you can really make it a daily basis, then that would be very great.

Your thoughts

What do you do to freelance? What other things were you able to do aside from the ones listed? What do you want to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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