The silent stalker: Greed

This is one of the top reasons why businesses fail and business owners tend to “lose their touch”. It’s like a phantom that comes and takes your life away in the middle of the night. You never know that it’s already in your system until you’ve already had a serious problem with it. This is a silent killer of businesses and personal lives as well. This silent killer is greed.

Greed pushes people make irrational and extremely risky investments. It is also the reason why people, who are otherwise the champions of the greater good, are depleting whatever resources there are at an alarming rate. They want to increase their quality of life at the expense of others and not thinking about whether or not they do it in a sustainable and legal or moral way.

Okay let me get this straight. No one would ever admit that he is greedy or that greed has corrupted him. Every person who has had a few years and experiences would know that greed is utterly undesirable. But little do they know—or little do you know that you already have it. The underlying problem is not greed in itself, but the inability to accept and identify it in our system. This is subtle that unless you check yourself honestly you will never know that you already have it.

People who are afflicted by greed think that nothing could go wrong. This system has been done for many years and nothing has happened to make it stop. This has been done for years and nothing negative happened. Besides, the probability that things could go wrong is small so there’s no reason to stop doing it.

Another thing that they try to believe in is that everyone is doing it. Then they move on to ask some questions to “purify” their motives but really, they’re asking these to justify what they’re about to do: So why shouldn’t I? If I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t enjoy the rewards that everyone else is enjoying. So why shouldn’t I do it, too?

Greed made the people exhaust their resources despite apparent dangers.

Just look at all around you. All the global changes in the weather patterns can also be caused by people in power who are greedy to hold as much wealth and material goods at the expense of the environment. The earth has a very amazing way of filling in everything that it has offered only if it’s at a regulated amount. Dynamite fishing kills a lot of people, scientists who do research and encourage immoral procedures gain something at the expense of a life—even human life. Didn’t they realize that exhausting their resources would cause their civilization to collapse? Greed had blinded them, obviously.

The same thing applies to each of us, to you. If you’re not keen enough, you will become obsessed with money or prestige at the expense of your health or your relationships. Greed blinds you to the coming danger until everything is too late. You when it’s too late, I mean it’s really too darn late.

So beware of the silent stalker….

Your thoughts

What thoughts do you have on greed? Are you a greedy person? If you’re too shy to admit it blatantly, why don’t you ask yourself silently? Is there something in you that speaks of greed? What are you doing differently to avoid becoming greedy?

Let us all know in the comments!

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