Setting and reaching your goals 101

Goals are very important to anybody’s life because without them, you will not be able to go anywhere, nor achieve any feat that you could have achieved have you been serious about having goals and plans in your life. If you’re still starting the wonderful thing of being able to journey through life with goals and objectives, then this post will be able to jump-start you on your way to setting and reaching those goals.

In this post, you will be dealing with questions. These questions are important in knowing where you want to go and how to get there. Here they are:

Where are you at this point?

It’s always good to look ahead and expect something good in the future, but in order for a future to become reality, it needs to start with at least the present. Okay, so you’re planning to get married within the year, but do you have a special someone already? Have you proposed to your girlfriend? If you’re planning to become a singing sensation in the next two years, have you ever started contacting agents and talent scouts? Have you placed yourself into the music scene? If you’re planning to become a very good website designer, do you have enough portfolios for your clients to base their decisions on of hiring you?

You got the point, I know. In order for you to get the thing that you want, you have to be taking steps to it right now. If you haven’t yet, then take the first step now. Only then will your goal become clearer and setting another goal will entail the same lesson, so get good at it.

What happened with your goals in the past?

We’re done with the present, now let’s go back to the past and see if you were able to learn a few things form the mistakes and the decisions you made.

Learning everything you can from the past is essential in order for you to avoid the things that did not work and continue to do the things that did. It critical for you to know and remember the failures and success in the past because these will propel you to move forward and give you the much needed belief that you can really do it if only you put effort and your mind into it.

When you have to set goals remember that you have to be realistic. Being realistic may be very relative to each person, but let us place a rule about the question of being realistic. Realistic should mean that you know you can do it, but the backdrop should always be that you are aware that there will be drawbacks or times when not everything you will do is going to work, so you need to have a backup plan.

And that is where being realistic comes in. Because as our description gives, being realistic anticipates some untoward events, you should always have a backup. When you experience bad things, you don’t sulk and cry; you accept the situation and then move on with your backup plan.

Do you see the end?

Visualizing is very important and is actually the first step in order for you to really start the journey, do the effort, and finish the race. Unless you have that dream and you have it really clear in your mind, then there is no point in pursuing it. Yes you may be able to start the race and do the effort, but if you really can’t see the end of the journey, how will you know if you’ve ever arrived at all?

Let me be blunt. Have a dream and then nurse it with deadlines and set the time you will start pursuing it. Give it all you can and just keep the dream in mind and in your whole being. You must be able to feel it, hear it, see it with your own eyes, touch it, and even taste it literally. It has to be that concrete in your mind.

Once you have that strong visualization, you will be a force to reckon with. And in the end, you will be able to achieve those dreams.

Where rubber meets the road

You know you have it in you to succeed, but then why do you not succeed? What is it that successful people do and you’re not? What are they doing differently that you have to do in order to get the level of success that they are having?

I can think of a lot of things to say about this, but I guess there is one crucial thing that you have to do in order to really succeed, with all the other good stuff that a true successful person does, and that is being CONSISTENT.

If you need to get good at something, do everything right and be consistent. Don’t give up or surrender that easily. The only reason why they succeed and you don’t is that they exert an extra millimeter more in whatever it is that they are doing.

Your thoughts

What about you? Are you hitting your goals and setting them properly? What do you like to add to the discussion that we missed?

Let us all know in the comments!

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