Reasons to be cheerful in business

In life, you have a lot of things to be cheerful about. In business you also have many things to be cheerful about. Even though the world of business is usually littered with a lot of things that frustrate you and make you think twice about moving forward, there are things that also inspire and push you to reach for your goals.

It is natural that we think about the difficulties we face and the challenges we have to overcome but there is a real danger that when we do this we can become weighed down with too much stress and negativity.

Here are some of the reasons why you should be cheerful especially now that you’re in business


You can now live the life you want. Business actually gives business owners and entrepreneurs the ability to leverage on many things. Time is one of the important things that you can leverage on. When more people are working to make your business run—even without your presence—then you can go and live the life that you really wanted. You can pursue the passions you’ve had for years and be the person you wanted to be.


Now that you have more time to spare, you can focus more on becoming healthier. You can schedule your exercises, buy healthier foods, and have lesser stress. Because you’ve hired people who will do the thinking for you for those problems that are easier to handle, you’ll have more time to focus when it’s time for you to make decisions. This is not so burdensome because you have people you can consult.


Family is always an important part of your life. No matter what kind of relationships you have with your siblings or parents, spouse and children, in the end they’ll be the ones whom you run to when things go rough. Deepen the bond that you already have. Create more memories.


You can now spend more time in improving the quality of your relationships. You have more time to spend with the people who matter to you. Friendships will become deeper and you’ll be able to make more memories.

Financial security.

This is one of the first and obvious reasons to be cheerful about. Are you financially secure? Are you living within your means? Maybe at the initial stages of your business, but as you succeed every single day you will surely have more money to take care of your future.

Sense of achievement.

You begin to have a higher sense of self-esteem. You’re proud of yourself and you’re proud to have achieved the things in your business. Not a lot of people have that privilege. It makes you realize that everything is really possible if only you persevere.


Your business is helping a lot of people: yourself, your employees/staff, your customers, the society, and lots more. You just don’t know how much impact your being in business is giving. You lessen the rate of unemployment and help people provide for their families as well.

Your thoughts

What do you think? What other good reasons for being cheerful do you have in mind? What are your reasons? What would you like to add to the list?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. radicalwill2010radicalwill201008-13-2010

    In the end, I think it all boils down to family. For many years, a lot of things may keep you busy and entertain you. But when everything else fades away, it’s still important to invest in your family. Whenever problems arise, you can go to no one else but your family. So you shouldn’t forget to give more time to your family even if you’re too busy with business matters.