Motivate yourself!

We all work hard and do our best to get what we want. There’s no question about that, but we are humans, and humans are subjected to many external factors that affect us.

Okay, I understand that we have logic to back us up and move us to greater heights in spite the many obstacles that may come our way, but let’s be honest. We can only take all these things to a certain point. There will always come a time—and frequently—when you will lose all the good vibes in your life and need a little doze of motivation.

Easy right? Go to your friends or go read a book or watch a video to get yourself motivated. Good on you.

I’m not saying that these things are bad, nope. These are tools which we can use to assist us in motivating ourselves. But that’s exactly my point. They are just tools. The motivation should come from us first, before we can be assisted. Because no matter how much we use these things to motivate us, if we don’t have the strength or the belief that everything will be fine in the end, we won’t have the prospect to be motivated.

Here are some aspects that you need to have in order to consider looking into in order to stay motivated even if the tools we talked about are of no avail:

Do you have a genuine dream?

We work, build our businesses, and do everything that we do right now (even if we don’t really like to do it) because we have reasons for doing them. It could be to pay for the rent, or a child may be going to school next semester, or what have you. What ever reason or reasons you may have, they are the ones that keep you going.

These are the dreams that I’m talking about. Dreams are a very integral part of our human psyche that we die when we lose the will to dream. Dreams can be very big or they can be small. Whatever the size of that dream is it affects each person in a very deep and personal way.

Why did I ask about a “genuine” dream?

Dreams are only genuine and real if they have deadlines. They should be very specific that you can almost touch, see, smell, and taste them. If your dreams don’t have deadlines, they are not dreams, but fantasies. And that is why people have the dilemma of not being able to reach their “life’s dreams”. They become so frustrated about it and ask why these things are not fulfilled. Precisely because our mind are motivated by genuine dreams—dreams that propel it to work more and think more, dreams that let them think of more creative ways, dreams that affect them emotionally, dreams that challenge them.

You want to be truly motivated? Go put deadlines on your dreams. You’ be amazed at how much your mind and body wants to achieve them.

Do you have nightmares?

These are also things that are negative prima facie, but when you try to really consider them, they can be used as your motivation to do more and be more.

It’s sad to see people get caught up in the problems of their own lives that they sometimes give up. If only they can go beyond the problem and see that something in them stirs them to action whenever they think about these nightmares. The only difference between them and the successful people is the action they do to the problem. Successful people have problems, too, but they go beyond those problems, they rise above them and do things to remedy their situation.

Successful people make nightmares their motivation. They use these things to keep them going. And that is the mark of a truly motivated person.

No amount of tools can propel you to make extraordinary decisions. It should start from you and whether tools or without, you will be able to motivate yourself.

Your thoughts

What about you? What motivates you? Do you agree to the thoughts I’ve posted? What do you like to share? What do you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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