Leadership Mentality part 1 of 3

Being a leader is indeed very important, especially when you’re trying to earn a living because as the famous Bo Sanchez says, “Money flows through the leader.” On that note, we should all strive to be leaders in our own right and then lead others to become leaders themselves.

But is it really easy becoming a leader? Is there a clear-cut A-B-C to it? Is being a leader attained by some set of rules and regulations that one just needs to follow? Do you have to start somewhere?

If you are asking all the above questions and more, you’re in for a treat because this post is going to show you how a leader works and what takes to be a leader, and so earn more than what you have now.  This is the first of three posts that will focus on the traits that a true leader should have.

A leader is accountable

Every leader moves deliberately and with every decision, he takes into account all of his actions and what the implications of those actions will be; who will be the ones affected by it, and how is it going to affect them. If anything, leaders are accountable to no other than themselves. Yes, they may have some leaders above them that mentor them as well and they are sort of accountable to them, but ultimately, the true leader is accountable only to himself. Not that he is independent of others and so is not able to work with others. On the contrary, because he is accountable to himself, he is responsible of his actions and sees to it that every move he makes does not go below his own standards.

True leaders know that living under the standard of others is a dead-end. You will never be happy about your life if you live by another person’s rules. Yes, a leader can learn and take some notes from other leaders, but definitely, he is not going to make those rules his own, instead, he takes them and molds them to apply to his current situation.

His greatest critic and his greatest rival is himself. He is motivated to do everything not to go below his own rules. The true leader knows that there is great failure if he fails himself.

A true leader is a miner and a goldsmith

A true leader knows that in order to achieve what has been said above, he has to learn from other great leaders before him. He knows well that he has not the monopoly of learning and of experience, and so he “mines” these nuggets of wisdom from other leaders who may have mentored him along the way and may have shared to him a piece of advise and a piece of their brains.

Like a true miner, he gets the nuggets and refines them to suit his very own life. A miner knows that there is a standard for gold and other precious stones and metals—that is why he refines these things from dirt and other unwanted things. Just like that, a true leader also knows that definitely there are standards and concepts that are followed by every leader in the world—in any given time and in any given place. He also refines his learning and lessons and make them his own, with the standards ever at his sight.

A true leader is committed

A leader knows that things may be simple, but they may not be necessarily easy to do. And he knows that consistency of action is needed to make things work. He knows that there is a process and a journey involved in everything. He knows that anything of value in this life is never overnight or can be taken in just one sitting. He knows that there will be ups and downs in emotions and in the circumstances, that there will always be setbacks as well as success in everything. He knows that if one will just keep at it and not quit, the goal will be reached in the end.

That is why commitment is extremely important to a true leader. This is where rubber meets the road and the milk hits the coffee (or something like that :) ). This is where the boys are separated from the men, so to speak. Commitment is in every true leader.

That’s it for now.  Please catch the two other articles that I will be posting here in a few days.

Your thoughts

I’m sure there are a lot more to this, but hey I’m not here to spoon feed everything to you. I’ve just given you what I think are the most important things that a leader should have. What else can you add? What other traits and virtues do you think should a leader have? What do you like to add to the thing listed above?

Let us all know in the comments!

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