How a dream develops

So you’ve already known that in order for a dream to be effective, it needs to be specific and there has to be a real decision to really work to achieve it.

In “Your Roadmap for Success”, one of the famous John Maxwell books, the stages of a dream is being discussed in such a way that you begin to see how your dreams and goals in life start and end stages of a dream.

John goes through a quick list of the different stages and discusses each of them:

1. You thought it:

Of course, a dream starts with the initial thought. A certain need or a certain challenge was strong enough to enable you to think of something that’s worth achieving..

2. You caught it:

Now this is a very important step in the process of a dream coming true. Adding feelings to the dream enables you to really own it. Most of the time, it’s the emotional motivation that really makes you catch the dream and make it your own. Once this happens, there’s no stopping you.

3. You sought it:

Seeking is committing to really not stop until you’ve found what you’re looking for. You’re already committed to take action.

4. A few hunted it down:

Others tried to shoot it down. When people see you hunt for your dream, they sometimes go out to stop you. They try to take that dream away from you. But since you’ve already committed to achieve it, they won’t hurt you.

5. You made it:

Through dedication and perserverance and commitment, you’ve finally reached your goal. It’s time to celebrate with everyone, isn’t it?

6. Others will fight it:

Not everyone will be happy about what you’ve achieved and they won’t be too eager to celebrate when you achieve your dream.

7. You grow it:

When you see how much you’ve benefited from your dreams, you always want others to benefit from it, too. That’s when you truly let your dream grow. The dream grows by teaching it to others.

8. Others will follow you:

People will always follow the leader with a successful dream. Success comes through the leader. Other people will also always know who the leader really is. If you fake it, they will smell it. A dream doesn’t end just by the simple accomplishment of it. A dream has to be shared. It has to benefit not only you, but others as well. It should reach a point that other people will be able to follow you because of the success that you’re getting. They have dreams, too. Once they see a person who “has been to there future”, they will follow that leader without batting an eyelash and without a moment’s notice.

Your thoughts

What do you think? Have you thought about how your dreams develop? Did we miss a step? What other things would you like to add?

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