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Have you ever found yourself stuck with projects that sit around on our lists with no progress, because we simply cannot find the time to do them? You’ve basically tried breaking them down to the absolute next granular and simplest action, and still that will take a good bit of time. What are you supposed to do? Is there anything that you can do to do all of this?

Here are some tips that you can do to ensure that you have the time to finish everything:

  • Break it down

Be sure that breaking down projects into smaller pieces makes it even much easier to finish. Sometimes, you’ll encounter tasks that need to be done in one go. Breaking it into smaller pieces might be impractical or may cause more problems. So be sure that you’ve considered every possibility before you break it into smaller tasks.

  • Schedule it

For those tasks that can’t be broken down into smaller pieces, be sure to schedule it properly. Look for blocks of time and schedule them for the task. Avoid putting them off and just work on them. Make sure that you manage your time well.

Once you’ve done your time management strategies, you’ll be sure to finish all your task at their allotted time. For bigger tasks, try to see if you can schedule smaller parts so that you can also work on other tasks.

  • Estimate Time

The first step to get through this is to figure out how much time you need for each task/project. This is actually a step that gets better as you get the experience. You’re probably focusing on a certain niche in the market, so you most probably encounter the same kind of clients. Learn everything you can with each project. Watch out for the time frames you give each task. Soon, you’ll be able to assess whether a certain task needs more or less time.

Time is of the essence

You only have 24 hours. You can’t even allot all of your time to work. You still have to sleep, eat, drink, walk, take a bath, go out with your friends, have meetings with your staff, and etc. Ask for help when you need it. If you’re stuck with a lot of work, it’s a sign that you need to ask for some help.

Your thoughts

How about you? What do you usually do to do a lot of work? What did we miss? What other things would you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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