Facebook’s stance on Net neutrality

Facebook released a statement about its position on the controversial topic of Net neutrality—and it’s not in the same page with Google, which recently announced a proposal with Verizon Communications that it recommends that Net neutrality not extend beyond the “public Internet” of wireline networks.

“Facebook continues to support principles of Net neutrality for both landline and wireless networks,” Andrew Noyes, the company’s Washington, D.C.-based policy spokesman, said in a statement. “Preserving an open Internet that is accessible to innovators—regardless of their size or wealth—will promote a vibrant and competitive marketplace where consumers have ultimate control over the content and services delivered through their Internet connections.”

Noyes has clarified that it’s reasserting Facebook’s existing stance on Net neutrality and that the statement should not be considered specific to the Google-Verizon framework; months ago at fall, Facebook was among others to sign a letter to the FCC in support of Chairman Julius Genachowski’s labors to preserve Net neutrality.

The Google-Verizon proposal draws a line between wireline and wireless broadband networks. This actually means that while the two companies,which work together in Google’s Android market, support the FCC’s regulation of wireline networks, they claim that innovation in the mobile world could be cut through the existence of a nondiscrimination policy.

This actually works for Google because it has a very different presence on the “public Internet” than it does in the mobile space. Google is an operating-system manufacturer, as well as a search and advertising power. But Facebook is looking to the mobile Web as a big mover of future progressions in the industry, and isn’t going to want to be doing so in an environment potentially more Google-dominated.

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  1. Dave ReynoldsDave Reynolds08-15-2010

    I find this frightening for a few reasons. First, the US legislators are hopelessly behind the times in understanding issues such as this. Second, I fear that Google and Verizon are laying out a magnanimous offer to keep the wired internet free at the expense of our future on the wireless internet. There are plans within plans within plans in this move….

    Ironically, Facebook, in a momentary lapse of evil, renounced the proposal. Again…plans within plans…