Energy boosters without the caffeine

Do you always grab that cup of pure brewed caffeine whenever you feel down and sleepy? Coffee is also one of those that help me go through each day, but I’ve learned that there are actually other ways for us to be alert all throughout the day.

Addicted to caffeine? Maybe not, but getting there. To avoid that, here are ways to increase your alertness and subsequent productivity without reaching for that nth cup of coffee:

Power naps

This is actually a very effective way to rest your body enough to recharge for the remaining hours of work. How to do it? Sit in a comfortable chair and with your alarm ready in one hand, take a good helping of 10-20 minutes of power nap. That is all the time needed to recharge the body. You also know that whenever you are sleepy while driving, you don’t need to push yourself to the limit, at the expense of your safety. The standard advice is to take a 15-minute nap and then continue driving afterwards.


This is also a very relaxing way to boost energy. Get your behind off of your seat, reach for the sky and just give your body a big stretch. Do this for a few minutes until your body feels energized. You can feel every part of your muscles relaxed whenever you do some stretching exercises. Start with the easier ones and then move on to more complex ones.


Your brain may be experiencing oxygen shortages so that’s why you feel sleepy or unfocused. Push yourself away from your desk, sit comfortably and then do some breathing exercises. Inhale, exhale. Breathe properly. When you breathe in, inhale through your nose and then inflate your tummy so that the diaphragm has more room to stretch. The more it stretches, the more air gets inside the lungs. Don’t get too conscious about looking like a bloated fish. When you exhale, let the air out through your mouth and deflate your tummy. Push it well so that all air is out. Then repeat the process as desired.

Phone anyone

Fight away the drowsiness by connecting with a friend for a short conversation through your phone. You can actually call them for no reason at all. Our brains tend to “shut down” whenever it gets used to the patterns of information it is assimilating. Our brain gets bored. So get away from the boring stuff, let your mind see some new and exciting stuff.

Make plans for the weekend or just chat about something that’s on your mind. Tell them that you’re calling them just because you feel like calling them. Tell them that you’re trying to plan a dinner and you’d love to invite them. Be sincere about this, though. Keep your conversation short so you don’t end up spending any of your new-found wakefulness on chatting while you still have work to do! Focus.

Your thoughts

How about you? What are your strategies so that you get that extra boost of energy? What would you like to add to the things mentioned?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. MKMK08-09-2010

    Problem is, they don’t get rid of the headaches!!

  2. YoungyYoungy06-26-2011

    Heck of a job there, it absotulely helps me out.