Do you research before writing?

Before I started this writing career, I was not really thinking about writing and using it as a career to make a living, but I have always wanted to write something. Maybe because I was frustrated when I was in high school. I’ve always wanted to write poems and other stuff, but I never really got the chance. I tried to pass my own creations of course, but my work was never chosen to be featured. I don’t know. Maybe they just thought that mine were… you know… oh I can’t tell what they thought about my work.

Anyway, I’m glad that now I’m writing and making a living out of it and have you to read it, which is of course a very great privilege.

It’s always a pleasure to write but there is just so much more to it than meets the eye, especially if you are someone who makes a living out of it.

Of all the things that one can do to prepare for your writing, I think that research is clearly the one that is most important.

Why you should do some research before writing

I really think that freelancers should be able to write about subjects that they know about. It’s so easy to write about anything, but then the quality of content is always in jeopardy. And I now that this is really possible. Some writers do write about subjects that they just read about an hour or two, and I am not saying that that is bad. All I am saying is that the quality is still always the best things about your piece.

The reason why research is very important is because is could spell the greatness or the mediocrity of the work you’re doing. I personally do write about stuff that I don’t know about sometimes, just for the sake of writing, but when I am paid to do it, I always make sure that I am a bit of an expert on the matter. I usually write about things that I am a fan of; when you’re a fan, you always want to know about the thing that you’re writing about.

Experience is one great research in itself. Of all the things that you can have to write with credibility, experience is number one. Whatever it is that you’ve experience, you can write about. As they say, “nobody can ever question a personal testimony…” and I agree. Even if other people do contradict to what you’re saying, it won’t matter.

But if you’re not experienced, you can always research about the subject you’re asked to write about. The internet is laden with stuff that you can read from. But be very careful about the things that you read on there, there are good stuff and bad stuff. You should at least be very critical about the things that you read and have a little bit of knowledge as a platform from which to write. You can always supplement what you already know with more information

Writing is always a good venue for you to learn even more things because just as you written, you’ve read more and have gotten more information. And I have learned a lot of things ever since I started doing some writing. I know that it could take some of your precious time, but this is very important if you want to stay on as a freelance writer.

Your thoughts

What do you think? As a writer, how do you prepare your content? Do you consider researching a critical part of your work? What else do you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. Airbed GuyAirbed Guy06-17-2011

    Good post and I agree that ones material is measurably better when they are intimate with the material however that is not always possible. In these situations I usually follow a “fuel-up” (read about the subject), free write for 10 minuets without stopping or editing , wait a day and then fuel up again and add and edit as necessary. The key in this process for me is the 1 day waiting period for edits. It seems my brain can sort out a LOT while I’m not even consciously thinking about an article… and the low pressure free writing allows me to be unafraid and free… My .02