Destructive behavior you’re unaware of

If you’re so amazed at how much failure you’re having, you might also consider the idea that you’re really doing things the wrong way. Doing things the wrong way is even okay compared to having really destructive behavior that is putting your business in utter jeopardy.
Here are some of the destructive behavior that you might need to take action on:


Procrastinating is something we all can’t hide from at one time or another. Procrastinating is something we all do at one time or another. And for many reasons. But the end result is that something ends up not getting done, and then it keeps on bugging you, stressing you more.

The best way to avoid procrastination is to do things one step at a time. Making small and steady progress on a task is the surest way to free up those negative habits and move toward finishing your projects/tasks.

Too lazy to write things down

It’s one thing to be lazy. But it’s another things to be too lazy to even write things down. Our minds cannot hold all the details about everything going on in our lives. Eventually, something is going to slip past even from the best of memories. For those with poorer memories, not putting things down is tantamount to wanting to fail. You should be able to realize that anything that is not in your calendar virtually does not exist!

Writing things down allows us to free up the effort our brain must put in to hold onto all the details of our lives business. But be sure that you will be able to process and really work on the things that you’ve written down. It takes mental energy to hold on to all the details of a busy life. Our brains are not static memory; energy is required so that you can keep your focus.

Over-Analysis of things

You live in an amazingly cerebral world. As a consequence of this, you think—you think about everything. With all this practice thinking about things, our brains start analyzing. And then you start to shift to overkill. Over-thinking can lead to indecision and paralysis. Sometimes the simplest things are not done because of over-analysis.

Inability to achieve balance

The process of balancing work and life isn’t the only type of balance people struggle with today, although it is a very large bulk. Balance also comes from making sure that you do “everything in moderation.” Whether it is socializing, writing, surfing the web, or other activities, you have to keep these things in check and always keep them in balance.

Making a conscious effort to vary what you do will decrease the chance that any one thing will dominate your life. This task of balancing everything in your life is not only the work of entrepreneurs, but of all of us. It’s the work of every human to balance his life and everything in it.

Your thoughts

How about you? What are your realizations about what you’ve read? Do you think you have these destructive habits? What would you like to add to the things discussed? What would you like to share?

Let us all know in the comments!

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