Delete It!

deleteOne of the best ways of getting things off your todo list is to delete it. Yes, that’s right. The rule of thumb is simple: If it isn’t important and doesn’t need to be done, just take it off your list of things to do.

This helps a lot psychologically because when you see lots and lots of tasks on your lists, you can be at a loss for where to start. These long lists tend to put you off starting anything instead of helping you to get things done.

Be careful though, don’t delete everything. Make sure you delete stuff that really doesn’t matter and won’t make too much of a difference if it isn’t done. You can then focus your energy on the things that really do need doing and that can help a lot in prioritizing your work. Less things to look at and less things to do, resulting in getting the things that really matter done.

Any thoughts? Has this helped you?

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  1. SamSam07-14-2009

    Who would have thought that you can increase productivity by deleting things for your to-do lists?

  2. VernonVernon07-15-2009

    Delete! Delete! Delete! – Ah, feel better al ready :) Keep the great articles coming.