Cablevision is planning to allow subscribers to watch TV on their iPads — but ONLY at home

Now Cablevision has indeed acknowledged that subscribers will soon be able to watch TV programming on their iPads, with only one big catch: It will work only at home.

This curious solution was mentioned by Cablevision COO Tom Rutledge during a quarterly earnings call: “When you look at an iPad, and you are in a Cablevision household, you’ll be able to get every service we provide — VoD, broadcast television, all of our expanded basic services.” While that’s a pretty cool add-on, it flat out comes up limping compared to rivals devising “TV Everywhere,” where you’ll be able to access their services anywhere that has an Internet connection. It’s not clear why Cablevision is pushing this home-only limitation to its “mobile” solutions, but I don’t think consumers will be happy a year from now when friends can watch TV on their mobile device thanks to their providers, but the ones that have this feature can’t.

I’m not sure where Cablevision is going with this feature. But I think that they should really consider improving on the home-only limitation. Most people get information out of their homes and they want to be as mobile as possible. This home-only feature is the exact opposite of where the mobile entertainment industry is heading.

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