Be reminded!

Do you always forget things even if you just had them a few minutes ago? If that is so, how about your goals or your promises? Do you also forget about them easily? The only way you can really overcome forgetfulness is simply to remind ourselves all the time—at every opportunity. Here are some tips that will help you do that.

  • Set the alarm. After some time, will need to have a break. What I would suggest you do is to set the alarm on your computer or your wristwatch to make sure you will be able to get back to work promptly and without delay.
  • I suggest an online alarm clock. There are a lot out there in the net. You can set what kind of alarm tone you want from classic or electronic clock. Make sure you max out the volume of your speaker. That should ensure that not even your colleagues will miss out on the alarm. If not, your team mates will push you to start working just to make the noise stop. Brilliant isn’t it?
  • Use unwritten reminder. Using post-it notes to remind yourself is a great idea but when you have a few million things to remind yourself of, your house may not need the new paint job—it will be covered with those little notes pasted on the wall. Not a cool way to remind yourself, is it?

Why not try to associate the things you see every single day to your list of things to remember. For example, I will always be reminded to check if I’ve unplugged all the appliances whenever I see the door when I’m going out of the house for a meeting or going to the grocery.

Try doing that with everything else. The best thing you can do is by associating money with the habit of saving. Just imagine, seeing money and you immediately save it. You will be wealthy in no time.

  • Try to add the ReminderFox extension to your Firefox. This is especially made for people who use Firefox as their browser. You can easily install this extension, ReminderFox, and organize how you want to be reminded. Very techie.
  • Place reminders on your picture frame and your walls. This is a very traditional and possibly the easiest way to remind yourself. Oh well, this still works, in fairness to this method. So you can really use this as your option to remind yourself of things that you need to do.
  • Ask for a friendly reminder. Ask for help from your friends to remind you of your goals and dreams. For example, make it a habit to bring your friend when you go on a trip to the gasoline station or when you go to the grocery. Of course it presupposes that your friend has the time to do this. If not, you can always ask him/her to call you or send you SMS.

If you have such friends, sticking to your budget or resolution will be much easier than just by yourself. So if you do have such friends, treasure them.

Your thoughts

What about you? What are your methods to remind yourself about things and especially about your goals? What do you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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