Be deliberate

I think being deliberate in our actions is a very important part of the strategy to reach success in your life. When you choose to deliberately work on your goals, you become more mature and you tend to take responsibility for your actions and the results better than just leaving it all up to chance.

Here’s a way to know that your actions will be deliberate each and every day.

  • Establish a daily plan. This plan should keep your top goals and action steps in focus. The more you establish a plan for each day, the more you’d be accustomed to thinking about it. It makes you really focus on the essentials of the project or task. Start taking baby steps toward your action steps. Don’t worry you have plenty of time to accomplish them.
  • Change your strategies. You have to be as flexible as you can be, especially if something you’re doing is keeping you from reaching your goals. Sometimes, it’s that person at work who’s very negative and demeaning. You can simply tell that person take a hike and not to bother you with any more gossip. It could be parking a few spaces away and walking more so that you get the daily dose of exercise you need to keep your body healthy. It could be an apple instead of the usual sweets.
  • If you are in business or sales, it could be that tomorrow you call that customer you haven’t spoken to in months and ask them to have coffee with you.
  • Another deliberate action could be a simple call to set a Dr’s appointment. Just make that call and set the appointment. Don’t rely on others to do it for you. It has to come from your own decision. And once you’ve decided, keep at it and never back down.
  • You could commit to reading a book with your son each night rather than spending the whole time on your computer. Or play the games with your family rather than not giving any of them attention. Sometimes, being deliberate means choosing to do something or not to do it. When you’re faced with a decision, you do have to study and check your options. But after careful consideration, just decide.

In order to maintain the deliberateness of your actions, you need to think and plan your actions and stick on them. Don’t give up that easily if things will not go as you planned. Take courage and take responsibility of all your thoughts and actions. As the owner of your business, you have to rely on your decisions and not rely on the decisions of others or on the stars. You may consult some of your mentors, but the bottom line is you have to decide to act. No more excuses please.

Your thoughts

What about you? Are you deliberate in your actions especially when it involves your business and your family or friends? What would you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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