Are you doing these proven decluttering activities?

Okay, so you’re in the quest for a clutter-free life. I’m with you. I also want my life to be free of clutter and to really achieve a harmonious relationship with the people around me and also with my physical environment.

Whether you’re in the office or at home, you need to do some activities to ensure that you achieve just that, a clutter-free life. And clutter can be in many forms and sizes and degrees, but still the elements remain the same. Here are some of the areas that you need to look into in your decluttering efforts:

  • Have you washed or cleared the floor?

Or did you have someone to do it for you? Emotionally speaking, the floor of your office or workspace is the first thing that you physically get in touch with—and most of the time. When you stand, you are on the floor, when you sit, your chair is on the floor. When you walk to the bathroom, the floor greets you. So even though it will feel automatic and insignificant, the floor can still affect you. The more cluttered and dirty it is, the more you feel cramped up and disorganized.

Have it cleaned in no time and pick up anything that obstructs your path: a chair, a table, some toys, a piece of magazine that fell, etc.

  • Clear your shelves

The shelve can be the most abused piece of furniture when it comes to decluttering—especially if it has doors that hide what’s inside. Check your drawers and shelves. Is it organized? Or do you see pieces of junk that got pushed into there just so it will look clean on the outside.

Remember, the closet or shelf is not a garbage bin. You put things there to store and go back to when you need them. You don’t just place things there for the sake of it. You place them in an orderly manner.

Remember that what’s inside reflects what’s outside, and that goes true with your shelves, too.

  • Is your wardrobe organized?

No wonder why your colleagues say that you don’t have a sense of style. Keep the like things together, folded, and clean. Or if you want to hang them, use a kind of hanging system that lets you see your clothes according t style or color.

Color coordination is also very important for your closet. Never put back a dirty piece of clothing. That belongs to the laundry, not in your clean wardrobe.

Give away to charity the clothes that you’re not using anymore or for more than 6 months already. Chances are you won’t be using them anymore. Only keep clothes that you’re regularly wearing.

  • Have you washed the dishes?

Remember to keep your dishes clean and placed in a very clean rack or cupboard. You put food in them and it’s a very serious matter when it comes to cleanliness of food. Your food maybe clean, but your dishes may not be.

If you’ve done those things, then you’re good to go. So far, those are the most common things that get unnoticed. They may seem insignificant, but in time, when left unchecked they can really add up to your clutter and ultimately ruin your mood. Make the habit. The more it becomes a habit, the less resistance you’ll get from your own self.

Your thoughts

What do you think? What did we miss? What other areas do you think should be considered as unnoticed, but impacts a whole lot in the clutter?

Let us all know in the comments!

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