3 things you need to stay motivated

Many people have already written about how to stay motivated with work and with life. But I guess that being motivated is not as easy as it sounds. You need more than just a few sets of tasks that you can do to be motivated. Being motivated is something deeper and you certainly need deeper things to keep motivated.

In this post, I will give only 3 simple things that you can reflect on to stay motivated. Beware. If you really take these things seriously, you might just become the most motivated man in the world.

Have something to do

Humans are born to do something. Everything in the world has been placed to do something. Flowers are there to bloom. The air to fill our lungs, water to make up most of our body and that of the earth, stones are in their place to make up the earth. Everything is created for a purpose.

Humans are here to do something. Whatever that thing may be, you will always be motivated to act when you are expected to do something. You will always wake up excited when you know that you need to finish or do something. Okay, maybe not excited all the time, but just the same—you will wake up because you need and want to do something that you think is worthwhile.

Have someone to love

Loving is such a great motivation for every human. When you love, you forget yourself. You begin to see everything in a happier light. Everything seems to make sense and with that person in your life, you are more willing to make sacrifices. This doesn’t mean that you need a spouse to be motivated. That someone could be a parent, a sibling, a child, or a relative, or a friend. This loving someone does not only mean love between spouses. As long as you love in the truest sense of the word, you will always be motivated.

Have something to look forward to

The future is not something that you can see clearly and it is not ours to know but we can always have plans that we can do in the future. It may not be clear, but we can at least prepare for them. This can well be the reason why you would wake up in the morning. Having something to look forward to is also something that will keep your motivation up because you know that something good will happen in the future—if all goes will. And it will.

These are really simple things, but if you just really give time to contemplate on them, you will realize how simple it really is to be motivated. Experts tell us about a lot of things, but ultimately, our motivation really stems from our own selves.

Your thoughts

What do you want to add? What else do you want to give as inputs? Do you agree to what I’ve listed as things that can help you stay motivated?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. JoyJoy01-16-2013

    I guess “something to do” might be more specifically stated as “have a goal”.