10 Reason why Blackberries suck!

To all Blackberry users and non-users out there, here are my Top 10 reasons why Blackberry sucks and why RIM need to open their platform. Let’s hope RIM rectify and correct some of their mistakes with their new upcoming OS.

1. Yeah, I know. It’s a business phone, and that’s really nice, but a business-oriented phone with No VoIP? I don’t know about you but this feature is of extreme importance for any business-oriented phone. Even the Nokia handsets of the same orientation are much better.

2. No Offline GPS Maps. Oh well, everything has to go through RIM, so I guess that’s just it. There’s really anything offline.

3. Amazingly, it has the least number of Apps! I don’t know how this is even possible. Has RIM not seen the Apps revolution in the market? They better think twice and develop more apps—or better yet, open the platform.

Here are the statistics:

• BB App World: only 2,000!!!
• Symbian: +250,000
• Android Market: 20,000
• Apple App Store: +100,000

4. No Infrared Port. It maybe outdated, but the Universal Remote feature may just come in handy.

5. BIS outages. This is a BlackBerry user’s worst nightmare. No email, internet, apps. No nothing! Well, unless you happen to have WiFi connection nearby—and your model supports it! Then your fancy smartphone will be just a big phone with a fancy QWERTY SMS keyboard. Oh, don’t forget, it looks good, too. At least you have those to consider.

6. No IMAP e-mail. Sure, it’s neat that you get push email (if BIS is working) but no IMAP means you only have access to your inbox root folder, and none of the other folders that you’ve spend a whole day creating to organize your emails.

This also means you don’t have any real sync between your email server/serviceyou’re your handset, if you delete emails or save drafts on your phone you won’t see the change on the server and vise versa. You cannot access your sent mail and you cannot search for emails either. You can only search your search your emails if the emails are sent/stored on the device.

7. No Contacts Sync. This might be one of the most obvious features any email client would have: the ability to access LDAP or similar online directories to look up and sync your contacts. Don’t push your luck: nope, you can’t do that on a BB.

8. No Calendar Sync. Once you’ve setup your email account on your BlackBerry, the device will create a matching Calendar automatically (good on you BB) for you, but this is a local calendar. Read: it does NOT sync with your online calendar services like google, yahoo, and others.

9. No Notes/Memo Sync. What else does it not support? Same as with the calendar you will not be able to sync your notes/memos with any server or service.

10. No Task/ToDo Sync. No surprise here. Like the above, you cannot sync your tasks with any online service.

Your thoughts

What do you think? What are the good points of BlackBerries? What did we miss with the cons, though? What do you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. JKJK06-23-2012

    Hey JR, I know how you feel man. I have a 3G blackberry, but its spends the entire day on EDGE! Imagine how irratated I must be. The only reason why I purchased a blackberry was for its ‘promising’ internet service. But I actually think the fault lies with the service provider-Bell in you’re case and MTN in mine. You should consider sending in a complaint.

    MTN (in South Africa) is not the best option when it comes to BIS-just putting it out there.

  2. De DudeDe Dude07-12-2012

    To all BB users ,

    I want to be Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To start with i am using a BB Bold 9900.
    The best smartphone BB boasts of.

    I agree with what has been said in the “OP”

    BB suck big time , Blind BB users fail to see this , this is how they have been brain washed they failed to see the achievements of others.

    Trust me guys my bold 9900 costs around 30000 Indian rupees and can not to things which half the price an Android phone does.

    So how did BB fail ? They kept nagging about themselves being the best and failed to understand the market .
    you say BB is a brand name well so are other Android companies , HTC , Samsung , Sony , Motorola .

    BB has to understand that in today’s world the one which offers the most at a competitive price is the winner.

    Even small brand names are coming with Smartphones that BB Bold 9900 cant offer
    see this
    Micromax launches Superfone A80 Infinity for Rs. 8,490

    a 2500mAh battery can your beleive it with ICS 4.0 , 5mp camera witg flash and front camera VGA.

    If u say its a VGA camera my reply would be better than not having a camera in the case of BB 9900.

    Limited no of apps at BB app world.

    they will never catch up with apple or android.

    Some stupid person said well if u have to play games buy a ps2 .

    Tell me one thing what if BB10 comes with HD gaming? are you going to appreciate that or criticize ?
    at that moment u will appreciate it , today you are not because BB doesn’t offer it to you.

    No skype on BB .
    Yeah keep nagging about BBM thats all you can do.

    Some people said well it’s a Corporate phone so no fancy stuff..
    Helllloooooooo Corporate people are also human beings and like to play games , chill in their free times.
    BB please stop making our lives boring.

    Another argument was wait for BB10 .
    why wait ? what were you doing for the past years instead of fooling the masses.
    by the way BB 10 has been delayed till 2013 and i bet u guys by the time BB 10 comes Android phones half the price would have much to offer or at least the same. be it Touchscreen , games , camera , apps , video calling blah blah

    So don’t spend extra spend wisely.

    I want to be Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BB Bold 9900 user
    My Cellphone is for Sale..
    Getting an Android.

  3. ShannonShannon08-14-2012

    Yeeee’ they are shit, ive had mine not even a year and it just keeps goung on a white screen anf freezing. Hmmm…. That never happened to my nokia?

  4. It is a stubborn Canadian company. I am still surprised they’ve come so far. I am actually very thankful I read this post. I was considering BB 9900 but this no imap, no sync, no offline maps problem I wasnt’ truly aware of.
    Most sophisticated answer I got about BB was “it’s a business phone” with no elaborations.
    iphone 5 is what I am looking at…

  5. RahulRahul10-18-2012

    I’ve been using a Blackberry 8820 since Feb 2008 and have no complaits so far. I might buy the Blackberry Porsche 9981 next time….

  6. KotsKots11-11-2012

    you forgot to mention; gets stuck every 20 minutes. battery spits it out regularly. not reliable at all. gets restarted after a phone call. humidity affects it as well.

    well done BB

  7. blacberry haterblacberry hater12-11-2012

    you know, you’re right
    in Indonesia i saw some weirdoes using blackberry on a motorcycle, even i saw people on theatre playing blackberry when the movies starting. whats the point of whacking movies then…… i recommend to not use blackberry, it has small screen, no contact sync. !omg! how shameful-it would be not better when there a keyboard-sucks-you know when a smart phone does not need key board, because it was every inch thats . not innovative. not innovative blackberry.

  8. BenjaminBenjamin01-14-2013

    I’m using BB torch, guys u’d rather spend a million on NOKIA 3310 than using BB! It’s like living with a bad wife giving u hard time when ever u c each other

  9. AtomAtom01-21-2013

    This is STUPID. Apple can’t use their GPS without cell towers. Blackberry uses cell towers and satellites.

  10. AtomAtom01-21-2013

    Apple can’t use their GPS without cell towers. Blackberry uses cell towers and satellites.

  11. iphoneiphone03-28-2013

    I adore your wp design, where would you download it through? iphone

  12. Nathan WoodsNathan Woods04-02-2013

    Unfortunately, for my 11th birthday, my mother got me a BlackBerry PlayBook. For my young brother’s 10th birthday, my mother gave him an Android ePad!!! He got a PROPER tablet! Geez, I should have got an Apple or Android tablet!
    This was typed on a BlackBerry PlayBook. I mean PlayF**k!!!

  13. VinVin05-21-2013

    Bought z10 it sucks big time. I’ll sell it cheap. All phones suck but this one bites the big one.
    Cant even import an F’n csv contact.