10 Reason why Blackberries suck!

To all Blackberry users and non-users out there, here are my Top 10 reasons why Blackberry sucks and why RIM need to open their platform. Let’s hope RIM rectify and correct some of their mistakes with their new upcoming OS.

1. Yeah, I know. It’s a business phone, and that’s really nice, but a business-oriented phone with No VoIP? I don’t know about you but this feature is of extreme importance for any business-oriented phone. Even the Nokia handsets of the same orientation are much better.

2. No Offline GPS Maps. Oh well, everything has to go through RIM, so I guess that’s just it. There’s really anything offline.

3. Amazingly, it has the least number of Apps! I don’t know how this is even possible. Has RIM not seen the Apps revolution in the market? They better think twice and develop more apps—or better yet, open the platform.

Here are the statistics:

• BB App World: only 2,000!!!
• Symbian: +250,000
• Android Market: 20,000
• Apple App Store: +100,000

4. No Infrared Port. It maybe outdated, but the Universal Remote feature may just come in handy.

5. BIS outages. This is a BlackBerry user’s worst nightmare. No email, internet, apps. No nothing! Well, unless you happen to have WiFi connection nearby—and your model supports it! Then your fancy smartphone will be just a big phone with a fancy QWERTY SMS keyboard. Oh, don’t forget, it looks good, too. At least you have those to consider.

6. No IMAP e-mail. Sure, it’s neat that you get push email (if BIS is working) but no IMAP means you only have access to your inbox root folder, and none of the other folders that you’ve spend a whole day creating to organize your emails.

This also means you don’t have any real sync between your email server/serviceyou’re your handset, if you delete emails or save drafts on your phone you won’t see the change on the server and vise versa. You cannot access your sent mail and you cannot search for emails either. You can only search your search your emails if the emails are sent/stored on the device.

7. No Contacts Sync. This might be one of the most obvious features any email client would have: the ability to access LDAP or similar online directories to look up and sync your contacts. Don’t push your luck: nope, you can’t do that on a BB.

8. No Calendar Sync. Once you’ve setup your email account on your BlackBerry, the device will create a matching Calendar automatically (good on you BB) for you, but this is a local calendar. Read: it does NOT sync with your online calendar services like google, yahoo, and others.

9. No Notes/Memo Sync. What else does it not support? Same as with the calendar you will not be able to sync your notes/memos with any server or service.

10. No Task/ToDo Sync. No surprise here. Like the above, you cannot sync your tasks with any online service.

Your thoughts

What do you think? What are the good points of BlackBerries? What did we miss with the cons, though? What do you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. VangelisBVangelisB08-21-2010

    Try google sync. It literally saved me on the contacts/calendar sync issue.

  2. Blackberry RocksBlackberry Rocks09-29-2010

    You are beyond wrong! it syncs everything, The only thing that sucks about the blackberry is the internet. but everything you mentioned above, and i mean EVERYTHING, IS WRONG!!! inform yourself before you start making comments moron

    • samanthasamantha04-23-2012

      No, my blackberry bold 9700 sucks ass. It freezes for no reason and stays frozen for over 30 minutes. The browser sucks all kinds of ass. The OS 5 loaded every page I went to, it would just take a while. The OS 6 gives me this “page is too large to load” shit and closes it. The apps all suck and there are hardly any of them. The only way I can get good service at my own house is if I use the wi-fi.

  3. ASPASP12-13-2010

    Blackberry sucks to much, they are very expensive feature phones. The Apps don’t work if you don’t pay for an expensive data plan. Even if you have WIFI… Only 5 to ten apps can work with WiFI. And you “Blackberry Rocks” you are a moron.

  4. jeffjeff12-21-2010

    You forgot to mention the amazing random-reboot-that-somehow-takes-five-minutes feature! or that a dead battery results in a phone equal to a paperweight until it’s charged 30 minutes.

    ohh also the kickass ability it has to brick itself when you update the OS after the software pesters you to do so for months.

    lastly, the best feature you glossed over is it’s awesome camera. it only takes 10 seconds to shoot a photo! and only a minute to come out of a frozen state after sending a picture! Who needs a bunch of apps or industry standard features when you have these gems!?!

    • DanDan03-14-2011

      I agree. They still haven’t managed to fix several bugs on my BB Curve. There is a bug where you can’t see the reply of a text message. Drives me nuts. On a few occasions the OS freezes to where I couldn’t answer an incoming call. As the phone was ringing I would be pressing Send 100 times and the call would just go to voice mail. And this is my second phone! The first curve was sent back for the same problems and Verizon gave me another. Time to face facts here folks, RIM’s operating system sucks balls plain and simple. The keyboard is for midget fingers. The browser is from the Netscape era. The OS supports about 20% of video formats. Don’t even dream of opening a WMV on the thing. The mail client forces a 3MB attachment download limit. The camera has a shutter speed of 2 minutes. The development tools suck which explains why there are only a paltry 2,000 apps in their store. Way I see it, the Blackberry is toast! Mark my words, in 2 years no one will be buying a blackberry.

  5. BB userBB user02-16-2011

    How about a keyboard designed for the fingers of a 10yr old girl? Who are we kidding? A new blackberry gets you a 5year behind OS running on 5year behind hardware on a 20year behind network (AT&T.) The industry I work in? Telecom infrastructure. When your service goes down @ 3am, I may wake up… but if I could port ring tones to the mini jack, my home stereo would shake the earth and wake the dead. And to preempt questions: your call dropped because A) the rats chewed through the fiber optic cable[again,] B) the UPS has 8 year old batteries or C) the glue holding the 15year old AC unit together finally gave out and the router shutdown to protect itself. If its raining, your service is out because AT&T won’t approve a new buck to bail the water out…. much less a new roof. The only hubs that aren’t falling down are the ones where they lease the space from others.

  6. brandonbrandon02-26-2011

    Are you serious. This guy needa a real job.. I can sit here and name 100 more perks about any blackberry than any other phone I’ve eber had. Blackberry may not have a lot of apps which is true but half the apps out there nobody uses.let appke have all of those apps..blackberry is the most reliable phone I’ve ever had I mean you drop an I phone once and you can say goodbye to it blackberriers are one of the most durable phones I’ve ever had and will have

    • EE10-09-2011

      You clearly have never had an iphone. they are actually surprisingly durable for something that looks so delicate and asthetically pleasing. Also, you clearly migrated from a Nokia brick phone from 1987 if you really think BB are the most relaible phone. what a fucking joke.

      • 4s, blackberry suck it4s, blackberry suck it12-29-2011

        That’s funny as shit.. Yeah he’s watching back to the future episodes as if they were new.

  7. BlackberrySucksBlackberrySucks02-27-2011

    Blackberry sucks.

  8. john macleanjohn maclean03-23-2011

    Use the web on a BB? Some sites come up fine and fast. Most don’t for me

  9. if it sucks, the you can give it to me… i wouldn’t mind 😉

  10. michaelmichael04-29-2011

    Blackberry sux balls it sux the app store hardly works and its slow and crap!!! I’m using a bold 3 worst thing ever !!! Don’t get any blackberry stuff ever 😐

  11. KelvinKelvin05-10-2011

    Using BB9800. Used/using Android, Win Phone 7 too. But find BB having worst GUI. Eg To clear phone log list, got to launch Messages > View folder > scroll to bottom > Open log > select Delete Prior. Not intuitive.
    Keyboard doesn’t auto-hide when touching non-input area AND need more than 1 touch to hide.

    BB is only few having touch screens much later. Other email security features fitting corporate requirements. It has no selling points like Nokia, Apple, or Android.

  12. bbstorm9530bbbbstorm9530bb05-16-2011

    my phone sucks, it just stops letting me use it randomly. better yet, blackberry doesnt even want to help me with this problem? thats just not nice considering i spent around 400 for the phone, which is probably way overpriced for its capabilitys. i will never buy another blackberry product. ever.

  13. BB dyingBB dying07-01-2011

    I am telling the world that RIM is dying, see their stock price!!!

    Don’t buy any BB phone, not buy their stock unless you want to loss it.

    RIM sucks from day one!

  14. GeneGene07-18-2011

    I have to have a blackberry for stupid BBM, but its easily the worst phone ive ever had.. It lags like crazy, no apps, their only game is brickbreaker after 5 years (embarrassing), GPS Sucks, can’t do anything on the phone besides phone call (which lags, takes me 30 seconds to make a call), Battery life is bad, always have to walk around with two batteries, camera sucks, video sucks (not hd).

    once iphone or someone comes up with a good “BBM” it will be over for RIMM. Sorry to say… blackberry stock is $26, and apple stock is at $300+ for a reason. There’s a reason why no one is buying the playbook because next to the ipad its pretty embarrassing. I try to refuse to spend $400 on a piece of shit phone, but i have to for stupid bbm.

    Lets hope Apple does something to take them out!

    • JamesJames08-15-2011

      You do realize for years youve been able to message bbm on an iPhone bud. So no need to worry go out and get yourself a iPhone and enjoy your phone only reason i came on here is because i broke my iphone last week and have been stuck using a BB Torch i hate it.

  15. AliAli07-21-2011

    I work for a Company that uses Exchange. If I have a blackberry for personal use, then I don’t have any luck with real time push (BIS OWA push takes up to 15 minutes). I won’t be able to see the sent folder or any other server folder for that matter. No over-the-air calendar push or sync. No contacts sync. no nothing.

    The solution is to use BES data plan. Though costly, it will be fine if my Company allowed me to provision my blackberry. They don’t. At the same time, I don’t want my personal phone being restricted with their IT policies.

    The real solution. Use an Iphone or an Android phone or even a WP7! They all provide two-way sync and push capabilities

  16. DanielDaniel07-27-2011

    Let’s see what are the best things of RIM and the BlackBerry:

    Awesome random-reboot-that-some-how-takes-10-minutes, perfect for when your 2 MB RAM runs out of memory! Camera shutter speed of 10 minutes, and after that, a delightful wait of 20 minutes to let the 64 Hz micro-processor process the epic awesomeness you just captured in an amazing resolution of 320×320! And a little secret, if you pull up the warranty seal and remove and reinsert the 90-minute-life battery that takes half an hour to wake-or-charge-up-from-a-dead-state-or-first-use, you will reduce the overall process by 10 minutes (and depending of when did you pull the battery, you may have your ‘hi-res’ photo ready, or a non-existant or corrupt file and having to reset the whole process again)! Want to send it to a friend? Pay a little bit of somewhat expensive monthly fee and pray for the BIS service to be up and you’ll have your friend receiving your photo in just 9-14 months. And by that time you’ll have 1,000,000,000+ handful update notifications that will either just add a number to your version number or, if you are lucky, brick your device. And it gets better: since some ‘stupid’ people say the iPhone and Android are better, some nice guys introduced Kik, a BBM-like (BlackBerry messenger seems to be the best feature of the BlackBerry: a messenger based on expensive, 0.04% uptime BIS! So you can send your friend 20 messages and at the next day get your 20 answers, and so on) cross-platform messenger for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android, which used regular internet rather than BIS… BUT then RIM came and sued them and claimed to shut down the application because the Sent, Delivered and Read symbols were PATENTED! RIM is very smart, isn’t it? And, much, MUCH more! Just waste your money in a BlackBerry to see how awesome it is! (And that’s how RIM can maintain their stock: dumb people buy a BlackBerry just to see how bad are them.)

    Enough talking, just buy a Nokia, Android or iPhone and let RIM know their BlackBerry sucks.

  17. IH8BBsIH8BBs08-09-2011

    BBs have to be the most overpriced piece of crap on the market. No VOIP???!!! WTF? Any crappy phone can have skype on it! So why the hell does it not exist for BB? Apparently it does if you’re in the US and on Verizon. But what about the rest of the world?

    No local maps for GPS?!! The only times I ever need GPS is when I’m abroad! And try using your expensive data plan on roaming!! You might as well piss on your money!

    The browser has an annoying way of taking forever to load a webpage (and my BB has 3G) and it often comes up with an error telling you it can’t in the end.

    As someone posted above, I also have a BB to use BBM. This also sometimes locks up and messages are not delivered, or delivered late, or delivered in the wrong order. This can be a quite a hassle if you happen to be in a long distance relationship and this is your everyday method of communication.

    I’ve also had the amazing experience of trying to play movies on my BB and eventually gave up because I am unable to guess which files (with the same codec and file format) the BB will like.

    The battery needs recharging daily and takes forever to charge. Why is this? Is it because it charges through the micro-USB connection?

    My bank has not produced a mobilebanking app for blackberry (only for android and iphone) which means I cannot manage my account. How is this a business phone exactly?

    RIM, I will surely not be buying ANY of your products EVER AGAIN!!!

  18. ZayedZayed08-18-2011

    Cheer up guys , the apple is gonna come up with the IO5 . Which will have the I message app.. Booohooooo . RIM will finally loose the battle . all you pesky bb lover would just have to regret watching the IOS5 in action . Buying a blackberry would then be worthless .I am using an iPhone 4 and I know apple will never make me regret .

  19. bruceisawesomebruceisawesome08-30-2011

    The only valid point that this brings up is that it has the least amount of apps. Blackberry is a device that is geared towards the business professional.

  20. AngusAngus09-01-2011

    I disagree, apart from the apps, RIM need to widen their horizons, there are very few fun apps which are worth getting, in comparison to the iphone, there are virtually none. The other qualm I have with BB is the poor camera, iphone’s take fantastic photo’s and there are dozens of free apps you can download to alter the effects on the photo’s. For bb, there are none from when I checked, a few which let you do a couple of things but are very hard to orientate. The only thing stopping me from getting an iphone is the touch screen, but if they develop a ‘bbm’ equivalent I will seriously consider swapping. SORT IT OUT RIM.

  21. RiaanRiaan09-02-2011

    I can’t believe I’m actually posting something here. First of all the author is an idiot, because he doesn’t know what he is talking about. 90% of what he said in his ‘allmighty and all powerfull’ opinion is incorrect. My friend don’t comment on the sun if you live underground. You know nothing of it. I’m a  owner and I have problems with it, but I had more phones than you could dream about an believe me they all had problems. If I had to complain about , it would be about its build quality. I even owned the a couple of the overated android phones. It’s not funny when you have to recharge 3 times a day. This is not me standing up for , its a random person standing up to another random person who thinks his opinion is worth anything.

  22. cameronlee !cameronlee !09-15-2011

    Why does my blackberry send repeating text messages? It’s annoying and embarrassing!:@

  23. AntoineAntoine09-15-2011

    Hello everyone,
    I’ve buyed a BLACKBERRY CURVE 8520 like 1 years ago.

    The problem isn’t about an infrared port or a Sync function (which exist).
    The problem is all about how the internet / application system work. If you want to use them, you can just stick your New shiny blackberry in your ass because the only chance to get usefull application is to pay a data plan. Fuck that really.

    On iPhone they do have free application without registering anything.
    On Blackberry ? Well, they don’t get you any free app, the only one you can get are some 3rd party sucking application or stupid games. I mean WTF. You look again at the iPhone and here you come with your 1500 free application, facebook, twitter included.

    The Blackberry market really suck, and they will loose so many clients because of this. As soon as I have the money, I’ll dump that fucking BlackBerry to get an iPhone.

    Everything else except the sync was totally right in this thread.

    Best regards and sorry for my bad english,

  24. blackberrys suck co*kblackberrys suck co*k09-23-2011

    blackberrys suck

  25. BrianBrian10-03-2011

    Nobody even mentioned the lack of Adobe Flash Player!!! I had the Bold 9700, wow 3g, what’s the point when the phone’s CPU and Ram sucks ass….Requesting, Sending, Requesting, Requesting, Requesting….tunnel error!!! Oh but it does have visual voice mail, omg, go out and get one right away, and tell all of your friends I have a Blackberry, I am so cool!! People are idiots and really just get a BB for the status quo to go along with their stupid gas guzzling SUVs or Benz.

  26. @ Brian, I agree. I have a Torch and I’m so tired of looking at youtube videos on this thing. I didn’t pay top dollar for a “smartphone” to look at garbage youtube crap. And everybody else is watching real movies on their phones. All BB’s are outdated the day they are released! Do you hear that, BB Fanboys?

  27. RoccoRocco10-23-2011

    I’ve had FOUR of these worthless BlackBerrys…each one more frustrating and uselsess than the last. By the time I got to the BOLD, the iPhone 4 was just six monts away (on Verizon). My Tour took a shit 8 months after I got it and bot of my Curves were better than the Bold — just a lot less capabilities. I couldn’t believe how many trackballs the Tour went through in 18 months (3) and the Bold is actually the worst phone I’ve ever had! My Sprint Sanyo PM-8200 was a better phone, higher quality, easier to use, a lot less bullshit. The Bold either shuts down, freezes or locks-up 2 to 3 times a day and the browser is nothing less than GARBAGE! The Bolt browser is just as lame but in other…the bottom line being: RIM will be OUT OF BUSINESS and a distant memory in a year or two. Apple, Droid and HTC offer phones right now that, as far as functionality and reliability goes, make the patently OBSOLETE Bold look like a Motorola STAR-TAC by comparison. I’ll never buy another RIM (or PALM) product again!!!

  28. kwuxxxkwuxxx11-06-2011

    I’m agree!!! in Indonesia, blackberry phones are phone for million people
    almost 70% people here using blackberry
    Actually, iPhone and android can use whatsapp and almost same function as blackberry messenger. Only that.. people here were comfortable with blackberry messenger and don’t want to move to them.. Especially for who has hundred contacts

    For me.. blackberry devices are slow, boring, less in multimedia, least apps, and currently the network here sucks!!

    Hope iphone and android replace blackberry in indonesia
    lol xDD

  29. RayRay11-18-2011

    BLACKBERRY? I never known it exist. I only know RIM produces HANGBERRY and HANGALOTTABERRY… Business phone that needs alt+shift+delete almost every hour???? Not to mention the tremendously long boot up time. I lost USD 50k just because of your stupid phone hanging up every time i want to call my broker. I hope you will soon become BANKRUPTBERRY.

  30. Mike AdlerMike Adler11-24-2011

    I cant believe that no one has mentioned that the track ball fails on the phone EVERY TIME! I have had 5+ blackberries and each had this problem. Not to mention the awful 5 minute reboot and no full email use. Also, another pointless feature is the way it goes in airplane mode when the battery is too low and just becomes a useless phone with contacts. How pointless! Also, the service is terrible and i would have friends ask me why i never called them or texted them back when i never recieved anything. Blackberry needs a serious reality check before they even consider continuing to be a major device for phone companies. If they do not go out of business in the next few years or remodel everything, i would be surprised. Dont let yourself be ripped off by these shitty phones that cost so much and break, causing you to pay even more to resolve.

  31. jumper212jumper21211-27-2011

    I thought to buy a blackberry bold 9900, but now I’m really confused.
    Is it really that bad! My friend say that it’s OK, but after this reviewed i will probably not buying it.
    But I hate iPhone too, so Samsung galaxy s2 is then.

  32. alal11-28-2011

    purchased a factory unlocked blackberry 8520 the trackpad stops working and it is under factory warranty and i call technical support and they want a $50 fee so they just talk to me. NO company is like this if you have a problem with your phone and its under factory warranty they fix it simple as that. Bye bye blackberry hello iphone.

  33. Fenix FlashlightFenix Flashlight12-15-2011

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  34. kirtikirti12-19-2011

    What about the basic ones? The keys develop problems almost always, the software keeps malfunctioning regularly, and every reboot comes with a new set of problems. And if you’re in India, god help you.. the service centres suck and Apple would have launched the next iPhone by the time you get your handset back post-repair

  35. AliAli12-20-2011

    Blackberries SUCK! I am a new Bold 9900 user and let me tell you this: STAY AWAY FROM BLACKBERRY , IT IS A PIECE OF STINKY SH!T
    Nothing on it is worst than the inability to get an APP, there is literally 0 apps , 0 zip nata nothing. At all… it sucks so much, I’m begging my igo to take the loss and sell it at a HUGE loss and just but back my damn iPhone/Android phone… gosh I miss you guys :'(
    Piece-of-shit-berry makes me cry…

  36. Emilio LopezEmilio Lopez12-27-2011

    And no more Memopad shortcuts which made it easier to navigate long memos. And a long wild goose chase trying to go through all the junk apps claiming to solve the problem. Blackberry is very overrated.

  37. Emilio LopezEmilio Lopez12-27-2011

    There’s more if you wish, such as the browser not being upgradable after upgrades for the operating system stop being released. Stingy on-board memory makes app space limited and there is no way to run the apps from an SD card. Also annoying work-arounds are needed to enable internet without BIS. I mean do you really need BIS anyway? I can live without Blackberry messenger and BIS email. The have email apps anyway such as Gmail for BB. I can’t believe RIM is still in business.

  38. Markos PetousisMarkos Petousis01-10-2012

    I have a 9800 torch. You are correct about 1, 2, 3, 4 (I don’t really care about this one) and 7 (but it does sunc with outlook).

    Also, it doesn’t support streaming through the data plan in my country, so no youtube unless you have wifi access and even more annoying is the fact that radio does not work unless you have wifi access, so if you are on the street walking you can not listen to the radio, even if you have Internet access and have paid for it. So, it has less apps and features compared to the other phones in the market and even some of the most important features that it does have are mainly useless. For example GPS is useless when you are abroad, which is the main purpose for using it. What were they thinking? Also, if you are on a mountain with no cell network coverage, GPS could save your life and show you the way, if you got lost, unless you have bb.

    The good thing about the bb is the full keyboard and the trackpad. Apart from these, it is very outdated compared to the other phones in the market.

  39. JamesCalkinsJamesCalkins01-11-2012

    your phone sucks so much i will never get another one if u paid me all the money in the world cant get work mail so i am going to get an I phone so i can get work mail and keep in touch with work and other things thanks to make my life hell

  40. Markos PetousisMarkos Petousis01-13-2012

    Also, some very popular apps are not supported for bb. For example skype is supported but only for verizon customers, even though it is a very popular app worldwide, not just in the US and it is supported in all the other phone platforms. Even angry birds are not supported for bb.

    A quick update about the GPS, Google maps and bb maps totally suck in my country, while 3 years ago a Windows mobile phone I had, had very detailed maps and off course they were working offline, without any internet access.

  41. DhanangDhanang02-03-2012

    Hah, that’s quite ‘sophisticated’ features you mention up there.. My Storm can’t even do a simple-task-which-almost-a-decade-older-Nokia-would-have-done-it-perfectly like SELECTING MULTIPLE PICTURES.. That’s just crazy.

  42. LLLL02-06-2012

    It is horrible to have a BlackBerry, there are a lot of functions that almost all cell phones do but BB dont, this is the worst cell I ever had, dont ever buy a blackberry, it is really hard to get some apps and they dont work as supposed, bye Blackberry…. I think I will get an Iphone….

  43. mrethiopianmrethiopian02-15-2012

    got a brand new Blackberry Bold for work and tried to find the calculator, I have found I need to first Dl and install it first, this thing sucks its got a tiny screen and the functionality is bogus compared to an Android, I cant believe this junk has been an industry standard for so many years, guess its time the industry woke up and found life can be so much easier with an Android.

  44. chinesesy peterchinesesy peter03-22-2012

    corect , black-burrys are a bag o’shite. useless. obviosly im writting this on my pc as my blaclberry freezes every ten seconds. i had been trying to respond to a blog some guy wrote about : why is my blackberry so *&^ing (*&^it but my wack ass fone wouldnt let me send it . wich either set of morrons put this bandit piece of arse water together can suck a fat one.

  45. articfirezarticfirez03-30-2012

    I quite hesitated when i want to open my wallet for blackberry products a year ago. So i waited for the new iPhone. Those people who bought blackberry products b4 around me nowadays felt like they just came from dark ages when they looked at my iPhone and its apps. They felt cheated by RIM for its lacked of evolution and supports on its own products. Everything came with a cost. Now, RIM please step aside, let the real innovative boys play this unique, dynamic and challenging game of tech gadgets.

  46. VIVEKVIVEK04-02-2012


  47. LenoDaDonLenoDaDon04-29-2012

    BLACKBERRY… Smh. Lets start off with how slow this damn thing takes just to start up, easily 10 minutes. That is ridiculous. THEN there’s the freezing up (frequently) and also this phone is way too damn slow and for a “smartphone” it isn’t too bright. Then the app world sucks with only 2,000 apps available where as iPhone has something like 400,000, Android has about 250,000.. That is a shame. OH if THAT isn’t enough for you lets talk about Blackberry users being completely left out when it comes to popular apps and when they DO decide to make them available, they are FREE for iPhone and Android users where as Blackberry users have to pay. And then there’s the texting. Abso-fuckin-lutely HORRIBLE. Sometime the BB-Messaging mechanism completely fucks up to where I can’t even view my messages. This particular glitch means I can’t use Facebook, BBM, ANY of my E-Mails, Twitter.. The list goes on and on. And guess how you have to fix it? RESTART it and wait 10 more minutes for it to load again. It’s just the worst phone I have ever had and I can’t wait to get an Android. Sorry but I really think Blackberry’s days’ are minimally numbered.. Bottom line – DON’T BUY A BLACKBERRY!! Tweet me @LenoJordan

  48. there are some people who have “fortune” in Blackberry, well i would say:
    1. Telecomunication operator, they have monthly subscription fee.
    2. Gadget store and of course blackberry distrubutor.

    At least that 2 points are the reality in my country Indonesia. :)

  49. PaulPaul05-22-2012

    Blackberry suck in absolutely every way and I used to think Apple were a “closed” company but RIM is much worse and has to go down at least for this reason, regardless of the fact they are pieces of f’n crap hardware running crappier software.

  50. JRJR06-11-2012

    My BB Torch sucks all kinds of shit, combined with Bell (I’m in Canada). I am about a mile and a quarter from a Bell tower and the BB drops calls like a hooker drops her drawers on a Saturday night. I likely need to climb the tower to maintain a call. A fucking set of cans with a string is more functional. Both Bell and BB are absolute crap. Good thing it’s a company phone or I would have frisbee’d the POS long ago.