Zoom in those photos with Facebook’s Photozoom

There’s great news for all you Facebook fanatics out there. And if you’re one of those who are thinking of quitting Facebook, you may want to reconsider because there is a new free Firefox add-on Facebook called PhotoZoom.

A very cool innovation

Photozoom is the one of the newest innovations on Facebook. It magnifies photos as you mouse over them so you don’t have to click through albums or profile pictures to view them full-size. Now, isn’t that just convenient? If you want to get the larger profile photo of someone without having to view their whole profile, you can easily view the photos through Photozoom.

Not just on your photo albums

This add-on is super helpful when you want to see full-sized pictures at any given time. Additionally, doesn’t just work on the photos, but it also works anywhere on facebook. It allows you to see alarger version of someone else’s thumbnail, just mouse over it instead of going to their page and view the photos full.

Photozoom integrates directly into Facebook by allowing you to turn the photos off with a simple click. Moreover, you can even use a keyboard shorcut for faster navigation. When Photozoom loads up, and icon will appear in the bottom right of Facebook next to your chat bar. Clicking on this icon will toggle the functionality. An even faster way is to simply press Ctrl+Shift+Z keys. This will toggle the Photozoom’s functionality.


link to the product:

Firefox add-on Facebook called PhotoZoom

Your thoughts

What do you think? Are you a fan of facebook? Do you think this is a good move to help facebook become more user-friendly? What other cool new things have you found on Facebook?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. artwrter2010artwrter201006-09-2010

    At least Facebook is trying its best to make it easier for Facebook-ers like me to use the site. :)