Why you need to educate yourself always –especially in business

If you’ve been in the industry for many years and have had a lot of colorful experiences that tell you more about the things you’ve done and are doing, and will be doing. Point is, you will become a sort of an expert of the field and you probably are. All of us become experts at something at some point. Although there is a clear exception to that rule in that people sometimes fail to grow and learn new things. That’s very sad indeed.

Why is there a need to educate ourselves continuously?

They say that when you stop learning, you stop growing. Of course, this doesn’t mean on the physical level. This basically refers to the non-tangible aspects of ourselves: our emotions, our understanding, and our knowledge.

Our world and everything in it are still evolving up to know and new things are being discovered. Previous laws and theories are even sometimes made obsolete. So to rely solely on your previously knowledge may prove to be a very shaky issue. You can easily be left behind by your peers or the new guys who are more inclined to learning new things than plainly sit on your acquired knowledge.

Education is critical in business

I cannot deny the importance of having experience, but there is just a vast amount of new things coming up at every second—especially in things regarding business. Business has some pretty stable principles that stay relatively constant; but the fact is that the technology that we have now is really changing the face of business.

In ancient times, people thought that you can only trade using the barter system, giving your crops or other important thing to other people in exchange for what they also have that you don’t. Then legal tender came in and gold and silver and copper coins came in the picture. Soon people were carrying coins around to purchase things. Then the bills came in. Cash become the means of purchasing things and so transactions become even more easier to do.

Then came in the checks and credit cards. Before that, people didn’t think that was possible. If they were stubborn enough, they would not have been able to make their business expand as it did now. If you are a business man who lives in the 20th or 21st century and you are not accepting credit card payments, your competition is really going to kill your business.

Education keeps your brain very young

Studies have shown that people who continue to read current events and any other kind of books have the lesser tendency to have memory gaps or forgetfulness. Scientist have discovered that our brain produce new brain cells when our brains are engaged in thought-provoking activities like solving puzzles, reading, or even conversing with others. The production is particularly high when the mind is being challenged and the brain made to really use its capacity.

Your thoughts

So try to always learn new things and don’t just sit there comfortably on top of your previously acquired knowledge. Read a book, attend a seminar, and challenge your brain about new ideas and those that contradict your own. Try to see if you can have it in you to be open to new things and new learning.

What do you want to add? What else did I miss about the subject of continuing education? What do you want to share?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. FranciscoFrancisco12-22-2012

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