Travel + Work = A Happy and Profitable Freelancer

If you have the same passion as me, you don’t really want to separate your freelance work from your travels. As a freelancer, the separation between work and travel has virtually faded because of the one thing that makes working while traveling a possible thing: the internet.

If you travel a lot, you may want to read this post for some tips on how to plan and do your actual work while visiting your folks or just go on a vacation for a much needed downtime from your work.

You have to plan things first

In almost anything, you need to plan in order to have a higher amount of expected results rather than just hit and miss. Properly planning your travels will help you set everything right and get work done at anytime and place. Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Learn where the WIFI hotspots are available. This is really the first thing that I always want to know when I travel to some place. It won’t really matter how ready you are for business or work, but if you can’t send your work to your clients at the right time for the unavailable internet connection, then you failed.

You also need to make sure that the place where you have the WIFI connection has a strong internet connection because I have gone to places where it says “free WIFI” and the connection is not so good. Just the same, I wasted my precious time. I could have just focused on my vacation if I knew that I won’t be able to have a decent internet connection.

2. Notify your clients about your travel. This is very important because you need to at least give them a heads up about your plans. They could be expecting something from you at a certain time, and what if you’re not there? They might get the wrong idea.

Besides, clients know that you have your own life and that you also need to do stuff. This is the beauty of the freelancing industry because people you work for know how the ”industry” works. Just be honest so that they won’t expect things from you at the time you are out of the house or traveling somewhere.

Advise them that when you have the time—and the internet connection—you will be online, but if not, they would have to assume that you couldn’t connect to a WIFI.

Just keep the communication line open.

Bring the minimum essentials.

You need to take into consideration the time and activities that you will have during your vacation. Okay, if you really ask me, I would say, lose the work when you travel for leisure, but if you really can’t afford to do that, at least bring the things that you really need. You don’t have to bring your whole office with you.

A netbook will do, or even your tablet. Always make sure that your workfiles are accessible. You can use Google Docs and other tools that are available.

Always be cautious

You should understand that WIFI connections are not really that secure especially when it is a public connection where anyone can just use the internet from the WIFI. Some very bad people may use a tool that will help them spy on anyone who’s using the same WIFI connection. You are at risk of having your personal information stolen from you.

Be always aware of this and if you opened a secure site in a public computer, always make sure that you close the site or logout after use. Even Twitter and Facebook sites should be closed after using so that you avoid people stealing your photos… duh. :)

Your thoughts

What do you have in mind? What other things do you think are needed to help you work and travel at the same time? What do you want to add? Give us your own tips!

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. The first holiday is the hardest. After that you learn when to go, where to go with good wifi coverage, or whether to arrange someone to cover, or whether it’s ok to take a complete break.
    I like to go to Asia because it’s so cheap there. It’s actually cheaper to live there in a hotel than it is back at home. So if I stay for long enough and rent out my apartment in the UK I actually save money by being on holiday!
    I’ve found the best time to go on vacation for a freelancer is between December and February. Things naturally slow down a bit then.