Priority Management VS Time Management

Okay, there is just a lot of management going on in the world today. With all the things that you need to do, there is just little time to do it, isn’t there?

Many people, and most of the “gurus” would tell us that what we need in order to manage everything that we need to do is to have time management. And that can work for a time or for a short period only.

Time Management

Time management is the ability to spread all the things that you need to do over a period of 24 hours of the day. But the problem is that you can’t allot all your 24 hours for everything. You still need to eat for a few hours total, you need to sleep at least 8 hours, and you spend few minutes of walking or chatting, TV, commuting, or taking a bath, and etc. The time left is only about 8 to 12 hours a day. What if your tasks or todos need more time than you have?

The curious problem of time management

Time management works only if you have a very stiff and strict time table and a fixed no. of tasks in a day, forever. But the fact is that while your number of hours only stays the same, if not diminishing, the number of tasks that you have to do eventually rises. When you begin to succeed and prove yourself to your boss or to your partners in business, chances are you will be given more things to do. This is when the problem comes in. How will you be able to fit all of these in the little time that you have?

Priority Management

I propose that instead of focusing our energies on managing our time, why not focus our energies on setting the priorities in our lives?

With all the many things that you need to do, there will always be things more important than others and things that you need to do now, and some need to be done at a later time. There will always be some that are not important, some that can be delegated to others and some that you need to do yourself.

Managing our priorities can help us do the things that need to be done first—and then do those things that can be done later on a time other than now.

If the time you have can change, most likely it will change for the worse, but you can always have control over the things or projects that you want to take.

I suggest that you look into the things that you have in your hands right now and then rate them according to their importance, timeline, and then act on them. Schedule everything that are in the top priority.

Your thoughts

I may have challenged your principles or values on this one, but I want you to share your thoughts and enlighten me if there are things that I missed. I just believe in priority management and I am open to what you have to say in defense of time management. What do you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. VinnyVinny05-11-2011

    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Incierdble!

  2. Stephen NellasStephen Nellas05-12-2011

    @Vinny: Thanks. I’m glad you found value in my post. Are you currently doing priority management or time management?

  3. JacquelineJacqueline05-18-2011

    Glad you’re doing well.