The iPad should have these things to stay at the TOP

The battle for tablet supremacy is really heating up. The iPad started it all and the position of being on top is really great, but things may not be as good as they seem.

So are the newbies from Samsung, BlackBerry and those that are yet to come up with their own version going to make a run for iPad’s money? That’s really possible if iPad is not keen enough to take note on a few features that it needs to consider adding to the device, or just improving them. For iPad to become even more relevant to the market, here are some key elements it should have:

the Power

After the development of a 2.5GHz quad core processor, I don’t think the single cores are going to stay long in the market. Although the quad processor is expected to be in the market not sooner than 2012, this says so much about the growing demand for dual processors and up. The BlackBerry PlayBook is using a dual-core processor, and the iPad should at least be at par with the horsepower of the RIM tablet.

Memory gap

The 256Mb of RAM seems to be going well for the iPad, but let’s face it, even the iPhone 4 has 512Mb. The iPad has quickly been dwarfed by devices from other companies with the Galaxy Tab having 512Mb of RAM, and the BlackBerry Playbook raising the bar to 1Gb.

I think the 512MB I suggested for the iPad needs to be raised to the 1GB just to keep up with the latest PlayBook.

Camera or cameraS

Nobody seemed to mind (except me) that the iPad didn’t have a camera when it came out. But when the competing tablets came with not just one but two cameras, the need for a camera or cameras for the iPad became more apparent.

Of course, you can’t use your tablet or even your smartphones like a DSLR (although some cameras really deliver results that are near to the ones we have on our DSLRs). But let’s face it, cameras do have some functions that can prove useful for the tablet. Quic snapshots of ideas that you can use for your next presentation will really be helpful.

And like I said, cameras are a standard in the mobile device arena. So Apple, cameras please.

The grams matter, too.

I would have to say that the 9.7-inch display is stunning, but weight of a pound and a half makes the iPad a monster compared to the sexy and sleek 7-inch competitors coming to the market.

Rumors do have it that the iPad is going to have a 7-inch brother, but hopefully that will be in addition to—rather than in place of—the larger model. There is a market for the larger one, I’m sure. So better keep that one.

The competition is using plastic rather than metal for the body, and the iPad shouldn’t sacrifice the construction materials. But it would be very convenient if it weighed lesser than it does—preferably a little below a pound.

Your thoughts

What do you think? Do you think Apple should improve on it’s iPad or even add some of the features that I pointed out. What other things would you like the iPad to have?

Let us all know in the comments!

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