The importance of Quality in your business

Aristotle once said, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

In almost every part of business, from the products and processes to the human resources and the whole management team, quality is always a big issue. And why not? Quality affects your success (or failure) in business. When your quality is so-so, you expect a so-so business. But when you have the best quality there is, you know the drill.

In this post, we’ll discuss how quality affects your business and how to produce quality products/results.

Quality = Consistency

Quality is associated with consistency. A client who is satisfied and happy with the first buying experience needs and wants to be equally happy on each further occasion. Or even happier. The only time when inconsistency is welcome is when quality improves. Going below the standards is unacceptable and may take your business to ruins. Most clients who really care about quality are willing to pay a bit more to obtain it and see ‘the extras’ as worth the additional expense.

Quality helps your business

In large companies, quality is so important that many they have a separate quality assurance department. This is to make sure that the company’s products and services meet the required quality standards. These large companies give a lot of attention to quality because they know that the quality of the product or service that they provide ultimately impacts their brand. The same thing is true in your case.
So which would you rather be known for: quality products or mediocre work? I think you know the answer. You rather be known for the high quality of our work.

Providing quality products and services can set your business apart in the market teeming with low-class products. Take the lead.

Producing quality work

Here are some tips to bring some quality to your business:

  • Study trends.

Trends and fads do not necessarily dictate quality work. What’s in today might not make much sense few months from now. While it’s important to be study trends, don’t let yourself be driven by them, though. Do what works best for your client and what you know will last longer. It pays to acquire the skill of foresight.

  • Work smart.

Working smart is a good idea. This means that you are taking full advantage of the tools and resources that you have to do the most efficient job possible. However, working iin a rush, is not a good idea. If you are working rushed you’ll be tempted to skip important steps of a project such as testing or quality control processes.

  • Set proper rates.

If you price your products and services too cheaply you may be tempted not to apply the quality processes needed to produce the kind of quality that stands out. To produce quality work, charge your clients a high enough rate so that you have the time that it takes to do the job carefully.

Your thoughts

How about you? How important is quality to you? What would you like to add to the tips given? Have you experienced failing in giving the quality product your clients deserved? What happened?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. radicalwill2010radicalwill201006-23-2010

    Customers patronize a product because of quality. I always see to it that my work is the best. Even though a task or project may be simple, I always put my mind into it. I don’t like mediocre work. But this kind of commitment usually slows me down because I want everything to be perfect. I have to work on balancing excellence and time management.

  2. UmachiUmachi12-17-2011

    Quality in business is so important in the growth of the business.

  3. RamydeepiRamydeepi11-27-2012

    can you pls give me an ppt for seminar about “the Role of quality in bussiness”

  4. major bwalyamajor bwalya05-21-2013

    i dont understand….can you explain in simple terms