Share: Is “The customer is always right” the right kind of customer service?

I know right?

This has been one of the many topics debated in most companies because there are only two kinds of people in a corporate setting: those who believe that the customers are always right, and those who don’t believe that the customers are always right.

But just so we can treat this sensitive issue for customer care, I challenge you to share your thoughts about this topic. And of course, you need to know my stand point on this one, right? Well here it is: I don’t know…Maybe?


I say that customers are not always right. They can be right at some point and their complaints are valid and need a swift resolution, but sometimes, customers can be downright irrational. I know. I am a customer myself.

Some customers just wanna take advantage of the customer “CARE” department. Even if they are wrong or lying or what have you.

I think that these kinds of customers need to be put in their proper place. They need to be told what the process is and where they failed. I mean, because if it was I who messed up, I would own up to it and really do my best to repair the situation.

Like I said, I challenge you to share your strong thoughts about this. You have clients and  customers I’m sure, and I know that you guys are experienced in this kind of situation. The topic is very near to our hearts I believe.

Your thoughts

Tell us everything that you have in mind and share what your experiences were. Help those who need some good advice. Agree or Disagree.

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. Allen BredesonAllen Bredeson04-07-2011

    You bring up an interesting question here. I’d like to agree with you that sometimes customers are just exploiting the system and customer service should be able to tell those customers off. On the other hand it scares me giving a customer service rep the ability to make that kind of a judgement call. Personally I think that the customer has to be always right other wise you run the risk of a bad judgement call by a customer service rep and a bigger headache than what you started with.

    Interesting post though!

  2. Stephen NellasStephen Nellas04-08-2011

    @Allen Bredeson: Interaction between the customer care rep and customers should be monitored, of course, and you’re absolutely right about the customer care rep who might also recklessly make the judgment call. Definitely bad for business.

    I guess if the approach is done in a respectful manner–but still asserting company policies and giving options to customers–customers will also learn (hopefully) when they should rest their case.

    What do you think? Thanks for the comment, by the way.