My first impression on the iPod Nano touch

You’ve seen the changes made by Apple to its line up of iPod devices. In this post I’ll share my thoughts on the new iPod Nano 6th Gen.

At first glance, the 6th generation iPod Nano, is the most radical design overhaul that Apple made to an iPod. Looking back, Apple would tweak the screen a little bit and add some memory or change the finish of the colors of the iPod; it also went to add a camera specifically on the iPod Nano 5th Gen. But now, it seems Apple is either frustrated about the iPod Nano or Steve and his team just decided to temper the multimedia capabilities of the iPod Nano to make room for and give the spotlight to the iPod Touch 4th Gen. The change is quite a shocker for many since the predecessor of the newest iPod Nano had more capabilities that made it inferior to the iPod Touch only because it was not touch screen.

The Nano was originally just a smaller version of the iPod MP3 player — smaller, thinner, lighter, much lesser storage but with a similar form factor. That’s why it was called Nano. It has undergone so many changes, but this last one doesn’t resemble anything of the previous iPod Nano at all, not even the iPod Classic.

The new iPod Nano really looks very different and if you’re familiar with the iPod design history of Apple, you would actually name this iPod something else. It’s really just off the bat. Much debate and discussion have been made and speculations came as to how the new iPod Nano was going to look like, but that debate is over and the new design of the iPod Nano is a risk Apple is taking. It’s now a question if people will give it a cool reception or not.

The Nano used to be the best-selling player in the iPod line. Now, it has been taken over by the iPod Touch. Maybe a re-design will change all that and bring the Nano back to the top. Like I said, Apple is definitely trying to position the iPod Touch as the ultimate multimedia device so on that note, I guess the move to really tone down the iPod Nano will send the message across effectively.

The interface of the new iPod Nano reminds us of the iOS (although Apple says it is not a trimmed-down iOS at all). Navigating the UI is very similar to how you’d do it with the iPod Touch or the iPhone except for one twist — there’s no home button. So, in order to go back to the home screen, you’ll have to move your way back through several windows and that doesn’t seem very intuitive to me.

A lot of the features that the predecessor had were taken out and Apple has advised to focus more on what’s been added. Of course, we all missed the click-wheel and the physical buttons. Okay, let’s take the advice of Apple and focus more on what’s been added.

Let me see….

Oh yeah, the clip at the back. That’s a very inspiring feature to focus on. Oh well, I guess we have to wait and see what happens next.

Your thoughts

What about you? Are you happy about what Apple did to the iPod Nano? What did you expect when Apple said that they’ll be changing or improving the iPods? What do you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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