Leadership Mentality part 2 of 3

In the previous post about Leadership Mentality, we learned how the leader is committed, accountable and a miner in the strictest sense of the word. We learned how his consistency of action ultimately produces results, we have come to see that as a leader, he is accountable to others, but most especially to himself because he is his own worse enemy. We also finally saw how he takes a piece of wisdom and sees it according to the standards of leadership and makes them his own to facilitate his own growth as a person and as leader of leaders.

In this post, we are going to continue to learn more about how the leader thinks and how he does conquer all his failures and succeed in the appointed time.

The true leader delays gratification

The leader is in control of his emotions, and with that he has control over his passions and his desires—whatever they may be and no matter how they affect his very person and those of others. He knows that success is a journey and it is not an end in itself. He sees to it that his decisions affect the future. Whenever he decides to spend, for example, he only spends for those that he really needs for now.

He knows that money can be found, but it takes work. When he has an amount that is enough to buy something that he has wanted to buy, but sees that there is not enough to sustain his life, he delays spending his money; he looks for more ways to increase it first and waits for another time to buy that thing—especially if these things are not really “needs”, but only “wants”.

He delays enjoyment because he knows that he will have a feast in the future.

But remember that this is more of a state of mind. It’s a mindset. I’m not saying that you never have fun or buy something new. It’s all about the control. Can you control yourself from sleeping before you even finish that one important task to be passed tomorrow? Are you able to control your spending even if your finances go up?

A true leader has great sense of expectancy

The leader knows that it takes more than a positive mind to make things happen. He knows that expecting positive things to happen is a pre-requisite to success. He believes in the concept of attraction. You attract things that you think about. He knows that the universe is just waiting for you to ask and it will be given you.

When you’ve had a successful meeting with a prospective partner in your business, you should not just stop and be happy about that meeting and just hope that that person will eventually respond. Instead, you should expect the person to really join you in your business. And this you should do even before you meet him. Why? Because an expectant person says things differently, he formulates questions differently, he looks at the person differently, he speaks confidently, he does things more effectively because everything is already set in his mind. It’s a done deal. He closes the deal differently.

What if the things he expected did not happen? That’s what the next mindset is all about.

He has the “Next” attitude.

The true leader knows that even if he expects positive things to happen, there is still always the possibility that the contrary will happen. So what does he do? He says, “Next!” and he says that with gusto and passion. If the plan failed, Next plan! If the prospective partner did not push through, Next person! If the product did not click or the reception was bad, Next product innovation!

In other words, the true leader is not stalled by these things. He is always looking towards the next thing to happen. He knows that if he just looks hard enough, he will eventually find that one thing.

The true leader models.

He does not “teach” the leader he is mentoring. He models to that person what must be done and how to do it. Words are not effective when you’re trying to mentor someone. Words are not enough. You need to really model to him first, and then tell him how it happened.

That is why true leaders effectively teach their people because they show them how to do it. They only “teach” if it needs to be done.

Your thoughts

What other thoughts are you going to share to us based on the things mentioned above? Do you agree with the things that I’ve mentioned? What other things do you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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