Is Facebook killing Gmail and the other email clients?

It seems there’s no stopping it, all signs point to Facebook coming out with an email service, rumor has it. If these speculation are correct, then maybe that’s why Facebook and Google have been slitting each other’s throats with concerns to user data: Google kept Facebook from importing Gmail data. And that is understandable ‘coz doing that will make it easier for people to transfer from Gmail to Facebook with a lot less hassle.

This and other things might make Gmail walk on its toes. Here are some of the other features that have been brewing up in Facebook’s camp:

Profile info

There are times when you receive emails from people you don’t personally know or from people who you’ve forgotten (thanks for relying on your memory too much). It would be nice if Facebook can integrate the profile information with the email sent to you. Add to this the connection that you may have with that person: is it through a friend or a friend of your friend? Whatever it is, it’s nice to have some bio that you can look at, just to make sure you’re not receiving messages from somebody you don’t know.

Picture slideshows

Gmail still hasn’t come up with its own photo viewer as it does make you see pictures by sending you to external Websites to view your pictures like in Picasa or Flickr. If Facebook does ignore this service in email, it still has its own photo service to rely on. A photo slideshow viewer inside Facebook email, like what Yahoo and Flickr has, will be an awesome addition that would blow users away.


The groups functionality in Facebook can be a useful tool when carried over to the email setting. It would be nice to categorize your contacts according to groups so that you can easily send out blast emails for whichever group you want to send the message to.

liking “Like”

The “Like” button is one of the most useful features in Facebook. Everybody has gone to like this “Like” feature as it lets you know how many other friends have already checked out the information or the page and see what they had to say about it. This can be a very good way of sending emails. It would be nice if you see how your friends have rated or liked a certain link that has been sent to your “Facebook email”. It just makes the email service more intuitive. As you don’t have to really go through everything in your messages. You can just simply refer to the data and see if the email is worth your time.

Your thoughts

What do you think about this news? Do you have the feeling that Facebook really does have plans of coming out with an email service? What other features would you like the email service to have?

Let us all know in the comments!

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